Will Your Metal Gate Rust in the Colorado Winter Weather?

inspection servicing slide gate

Colorado is notorious for being an extremely dry state. As a result, you might think that there’s nothing to fear in terms of having metallic elements rust, and your slide gate should be included in that category. However, despite being dry, Colorado has its fair share of precipitation, depending on where you live, and in the winter that precipitation can even become more dangerous for the integrity of your metal gate and fence.

As snow falls, it has a far better chance of “sticking” to parts of your gate compared to rain. Even though the dry weather in Colorado can lead to water evaporating easily during the summer or autumn, it won’t do the same for snow, especially since the difference in temperature is quite substantial between summer and winter.

As a result, fallen snow can freeze during the night, then as temperatures fall below freezing during the day, the ice can melt and negatively affect your gate, even leading to parts that are less protected by damaged coating being subjected to rust.

To prevent this from happening, it is very important to consider servicing your slide gate before the winter months and possibly repainting or adding a new protective layer of coating. That way, your gate will be protected from ice and water, and it will no longer rust upon the arrival of winter.

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