Can You Protect Your Gate from Rain and Cold Weather?

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winter fence metal brick

Depending on the type of gate and fence you own, the rain can do a number on it, and it can lead to a lower life expectancy and significant repairs being needed, even though it might be new. To prevent all that from happening, it’s very important to take a few precautions before fall and winter, so you can protect your gate from issues such as sagging, rotting, rust or pests.

Wooden gates are some of the most susceptible to rain damage. Precipitation can easily affect a wooden gate, distorting it and getting below its exterior protective layers. Once the interior of the wood is affected, it can attract pests such as various insects, and it can also develop mold. The end result might lead to your wooden gate rotting from the inside, if it isn’t tended to properly.

Metal gates are also affected. They can contract during cold weather, so the protective paint and coating can peel off quite easily. Then, as the metal is subjected to rain, it will be damaged significantly over time, as it rusts.

The best way to protect your cantilever gate is by calling in a professional contractor who can evaluate the damage, remove mold, scrape off rust, and protect your gate with the proper coating designed for the material that it was made from.

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