What Is a Bollard and What Can It Really Be Used for?

Whether you own a commercial building or you are the custodian of a large building or home where you need to be careful of where cars might be able to go, it’s a good idea to consider bollards that can block off traffic in areas where only pedestrians may walk.

But what is a bollard anyway? Bollards are small, thick posts commonly made of metal, which have the role of blocking traffic to a certain location. These posts are often seen at entrances on pedestrian-only zones, where you can’t enter with your car, and they are quite effective at keeping vehicles out due to the limited distance between two bollards.

These bollards are inserted into the ground, so that significant force would be required to move them out. Even if a car were to crash into a bollard, chances are the one that would sustain the most damage would be the vehicle.

Bollards can help in a lot of applications, for instance keeping vehicles out of areas reserved to children’s playgrounds. If your company has a green area or a playground for kids to enjoy themselves, then it makes a lot of sense that you’d need a bollard to take the danger of traffic out of the equation entirely.

Is an Electric Gate Really Better Than a Swing Gate?

electric gate entry systems gates

Owning an electric gate can seem like a great idea. However, electricity is still costly, and depending on the design of your gate, it can also be somewhat more problematic to install and use. On the other hand, a swinging gate is one that has a mechanic system that closes the door automatically when you’re not using it. The practical potential and affordable construction of this type of gate may quickly get you a more affordable and desirable product.

Of course, gate entry systems are certainly a good choice, and if you can afford them, you should definitely try to find one that suits you. Aside from the fact that they can offer you greater control and even allow you to access the gate’s locking mechanism remotely when you want, the fact is that many electric gate manufacturers also have the options of fitting gates with improved, smart communication and security systems that will allow you to screen and deny entrance to anyone you don’t want around.

All in all, both gate designs have their own qualities, and while electric gates are better in terms of control and advanced security, swing gates can also be designed with similar qualities in mind, and are also more affordable.

5 Essential Tips for Picking a Dependable Gate Installation Contractor

Top 5  Tips Gates Rocky Mountain Access

To find the best gate design for your property, it is essential to first meet the contractor who will be best suited for the job. For that purpose, consider the following tips to help you decide on your next course of action:

  1. Decide on what you want from your gate. Are you rather looking for privacy or security? What type of material would you want to ensure that your gate will offer adequate protection from intruders?
  2. Look at the license and credentials of the contractor. You will be able to spot a fake license number by checking online and examining the records and complaints associated with the company on websites like the BBB.
  3. Read up on reviews about the company to find out how many people are truly satisfied with their performance.
  4. Compare offers and prices, and learn about which type of gate would serve your home in the best possible way. Maybe you prefer aesthetics and you live in an area with less crime, in which case a more ornate, less resilient roof such as a stylish wooden gate, could be your best choice.
  5. Look at some examples of the company’s work such as Rocky Mountain Access Controls. Do they look appealing enough for you? What about their capabilities and special features, and how do they fare in comparison with what you’re looking for? Answering these questions will give you a better idea of what kind of gate you need and who the best installation contractor is who can give it to you.

The Benefits of Having a Security Gate Installed on Your Denver Home

Security Gates Denver Homes

Security gates are typically very underrated. If you own one, you will stand a much better chance at keeping your home and property safe from intruders than if you had a regular gate and fence setup, and you might also be able to avoid situations in which people could stumble upon your property by mistake.

A modern day security gate is sturdy, has a strong lock and also uses technology to provide you with a smart experience, for instance through security cameras that help you see who is outside your gate and even an intercom to allow you to screen your visitors.

Another benefit of having a security gate is improved privacy. A regular gate will allow people to pry into your yard. Security gates can be chosen based on how solid and private they are, and the great news is that they can also be used together with a sturdy metal or stone fence, so you won’t have to deal with unwelcome individuals looking at what you or your family members might be doing.

Finally, as security gates Denver offers are more durable, they will also require fewer repairs. That means that, in the long run, you can usually avoid the issue of a malfunction, and your gate will keep lasting and protecting your home for a long time to come.