Should You Consider Installing Remotely Accessible Automated Gates?

Things To Consider Automated Gates Commercial Residential

Whether or not to install remote automated commercial gates on your property depends on various factors, including your security needs, budget, and property size. The points presented below have to be considered with great care, as you never know exactly which factor might play a greater role and whether or not it’s even a good idea for you to install these products under certain circumstances.

First, consider your needs for adequate protection. If you have a high-security risk or valuable assets on your property, such as expensive equipment, products or information, you may benefit from having a remote automated commercial gate. These gates provide an added layer of security, preventing unauthorized access to your property.

Automated commercial gates can be expensive to install, operate, and maintain. It is essential to consider the cost of purchasing and installing the gate, as well as any ongoing maintenance and repair costs. For some businesses, the advantages that the gates can bring in the long run are well worth the added costs.

If you have a large property, commercial automated gates can make it easier to manage access to your property. This is especially true if you have multiple entry and exit points that need to be secured. Moreover, automated gates can be a convenient way to control access to your property. You can easily allow authorized visitors to enter the property, while keeping unauthorized individuals out.

Lastly, it’s also very important to check with your local authorities to see if there are any regulations or permits required before installing an automated commercial gate.

The Advantages of Slide Gates vs. Swing Gates

slide gate rocky mountain access gates

Automatic gates are growing more and more in popularity and offer a number of advantages. You can choose between slide gates and swing gates, but you will have to consider the location of the main entrance, the environment, and also the level of security you need.

Swing gates have a simpler construction, so they are cheaper, but they have certain disadvantages that slide gates do not have:

They require more space inside the opening, so if you have a limited entrance area, swing gates will not be the best option for you. You should also know that they do not fit too well in sloped areas, unless there is a lot of space underneath the gate, because the slope prevents its normal movements. In addition, the exterior opening design is not optimal and would be convenient only for residential gates.

Swing gates are more sensitive to wind, and this may cause stress on long-term gate mechanics, and, overall, they are considered less safe than sliding gates.

Slide gates – advantages

  • Compact installation: a big plus for the slide gates is that they allow more space for a vehicle to pass through on a property.
  • They are harder to break or force open and look safer, acting as a deterrent
  • Slide gates do not need space inwards or outwards to open properly
  • They are suitable even for uneven or sloped terrains

For more information on slide gates and gates in general look to the professionals at

The Future of Gate Automation – Emerging Technologies We Can Expect in a Few Years

Gate Automation Repair Installtion

Gate automation is a great thing that many people benefit from.  Keeping up-to-date with emerging technologies is interesting and crucial, as there are amazing solutions which can help you get more in terms of safety and security.

Automatic gates are designed with a special motor, which is operated by a remote control system. The control unit is able to detect other signals also, such as the ones emitted by photocells.  The photocell is in constant communication with the control unit. By means of a light beam, it can detect if there are any persons or objects in the gate’s range of action. This photocell is very important, as it not only is the source of operation but ensures the safety of people and objects.

The interior mechanisms of an automated gate have to be kept clean all the time, to prevent malfunctions and security issues. With the help of regular and thorough maintenance, you can avoid any breakdowns , detect issues and resolve them in due time, to prevent issues.

At any rate, gate automation Denver location can be a good investment for the safety and security. As technology improves, future of gate automation is exciting and limitless.

Typical Applications For Swing Gates

aluminum gate denver

The term “swing gates” defines those courtyard gates whose opening describes a circular arc towards the interior (or, more rarely, towards the exterior) of the property. They can be made up of one or two elements (double doors), being joined to the supporting pillars with the help of hinges.

When is it advisable to opt for swing doors?

#1: When the opening (width) of the fence is relatively narrow

The swing gate opener is practical, there is no doubt about it. However, they simply cannot be installed if the available space does not allow them to open.

#2: If the land is flat and not on a slope

Unless there is a lot of space under the gate, then it will not be possible for a swing gate to fit on a slope, as it would hit the ground as it opens, and would not fulfill its purpose. In this case, swing gates may be installed to open outwards, but space is needed for a car to stop outside the opening. In this case, markings and instructions are necessary, and they must be clearly visible.

#3: To achieve a stylish look on a tight budget

If you work with a relatively tight budget, but you want to make or buy an elegant gate, it is preferable to choose hinged ones. As you have seen, their cost price is lower, due to the fact that they include fewer complex technical elements.

What Are the Top 3 Benefits of Cantilever Gates?

Top 3 Cantilever Gates Reasons

Automating your gate system can have many benefits, especially if you go for something like Cantilever gates. Some people want to do that because they need to feel more secure. The fact that they can be so easily operated is another good thing about this innovative type of gate.

There certainly are numerous advantages for selecting such gates for your home or commercial property. Thus, among the many reasons why you should consider Cantilever gates we could include:

  1. They can help create some extra space, as compared to other automated gate options. As a matter of fact, they are the ideal option in areas with limited driveway space.
  2. They offer a lot in terms of industrial performance. They are more solid and reliable than other gate solutions. Because of their design, they can be successfully employed in areas with more challenging situations. And due to their extra strength, these gates are great for heavy-duty machineries and vehicles.
  3. They are extremely versatile. As they are suspended above ground, Cantilever gates may be used for many types of surfaces, including, for instance, elevated surfaces. Vehicles do not have the commonly encountered issue of bumping into obstacles when coming through this type of gate.

Is Gate Automation a Good Solution?

Gate installation in Denver is usually straightforward. If you add gate automation into the mix, it might get a little trickier and more expensive. However, as many experts will tell you, the benefits you can gain from an automated gate will be well worth it:

  1. An automated gate will ensure that you don’t have to worry about your staff or workers having to check to see who is at the gate. Automated gates feature remote screening hardware and technology that allows you to open and close the door from a distance away. That’s a big plus when it comes to security.
  2. If you own a company that makes or receives a lot of deliveries, then gate automation Denver businesses offer will save you a lot of time. Drivers can simply be given an electronic ID they can use to check in or out, and the automated gate will open for them while still keeping any unwanted intruders out.
  3. Gate automation also ensures that a lot of assignments that would normally require human involvement will no longer be required. For example, if you have different areas within the grounds of your property that are separated from others by gates and fences, automation will allow for fewer staff members having to man those areas.

How Are Slide Gates Different from Swing Gates?

Slide Gate vs Swing Gate Differences

When you’re planning to get a new gate system, it’s very important to make an informed choice on it. For example, learning the differences between a slide gate and a swing gate can assist you in making the right choice depending on what you actually want from your new gate.

Slide gates typically slide to one side (either to the left or to the right) using a mechanism that essentially drives them into the adjacent part of the fence or wall. These types of gates are extremely useful when you have a lot of excess material or equipment lying around or when your workers need the extra space in front of the gate to navigate their way in or out while carrying bulky materials.

On the other hand, a swing gate opens in the traditional way, like a door. It swings in either direction (inwards or outwards) and once it’s released, it simply closes. Unlike sliding gates, a swing gate is not designed to save space. Also, the mechanism that controls a swing gate can sometimes be more easily damaged. The most important advantage of a swing gate is its superior appearance and easier maintenance work.

Although slide gates would need a little more work when they break down, or for preventive maintenance, most experts will agree that they are the better choice compared to a swing gate. For practical purposes, you can save a lot of time and get more space around the gate to use as you deem fit.

Reasons to Invest in Installing automated Gates on Your Property

Automated Gates Property Security

Automated gates might cost a little more than conventional gate systems, but they have a lot of impressive advantages. While some might feel that it’s a stretch to invest in automated gates, in truth it can help not only improve your security, but also transform the way you do business.

The way automated gates work is that they allow you to open and close the gate of your property remotely, or even if nobody is there to control it. Such automated gate systems work through the use of a special ID hierarchy that allows, for example, some employees to walk in just through simply swapping a card, while others have to be screened by security.

Instead of having a security officer check someone’s truck or car and verify their identity, you can get an automated gate system which allows for remote or automatic authentication based on specific types of approved credentials. That way, everyone who is authorized to drive or walk onto your property will be allowed in, while everyone else will be kept out.

The beauty of modern day automated gates in Denver is that they can be used on any type of commercial or residential property, and that they have some really hi-tech features you can benefit from. Some of these include advanced sensors, touchscreen-operated security panels, infrared cameras for identifying people at night and advanced software designed to make controlling your gates remotely an extremely easy process.

The Long-Term Advantages of Installing Slide Gates

Long Term Slide Gate System

As their name says, sliding gates are those types of gates whose opening is achieved by sliding. This system requires that the gates be provided with a series of bearings at the base and placed on a rail mounted at ground level.

When is it advisable to opt for sliding gates?

In principle, choosing a sliding gate is preferable in two situations. First of all, these gates are indicated if the estimated traffic through them is medium to intense (a scenario that applies mostly to commercial properties). The reason behind this suggestion is that sliding gates are usually easier to operate and, moreover, they work great with automation systems.

The second situation in which experts recommend sliding gates is to increase security. As mentioned before, they are compatible with security systems that increase the level of security. Also, unlike swing gates, whose union in the central point can be rather easily forced, sliding gates are made of a single uninterrupted piece. Considering these characteristics, it is safe to say that sliding gates are much harder to penetrate by burglars.

Long-term advantages are obtained especially when you opt for slide gate automation, and they refer to increasing security, increasing comfort and reducing the costs necessary to contract the services of a security company.

Why Your Denver Gate Company Insists on the Benefits of Automated Gates

Rocky Mountain Access Controls Automated Gate Benefits

Automatic gates are one of the best options when you want more accessibility and comfort. With a simple press of a button, the gate closes or opens automatically, and you no longer have to get out of the car or get out of the house to do it yourself.

There are many other advantages that your Denver gate company will insist on:

  • Safety: one of the main reasons why people choose automated gates is increased safety, especially since you have the option to install video cameras for surveillance, signal lamps or efficient security systems.
  • Intimacy: For most people, intimacy is essential. You can choose opaque and taller models to reduce the visibility that neighbors or passers-by may have.
  • Personalization: You can choose to customize automated gates according to your preferences. Call a specialized company, and it will assess your needs and together you will find the perfect solution.
  • Accessibility: You have full control by pressing a button, either on a remote control or directly from your phone. Thus, you do not have to make any more effort to open an automated gate, which is very convenient, especially when the weather is not favorable.

Whether their intended purpose is residential or commercial, automated gates from allow for effective control of a property and also offer increased safety compared to manual gates.