Automated Gate Installation – How to Find the Best Professional

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At first glance, gate installation for Denver firms can seem straightforward. Some companies even aim to save time and money by avoiding to hire a legitimate and licensed contractor. Unfortunately, the amount of red flags associated with such an initiative will make you want to avoid it as much as possible.

Experts recommend that you check first of all to see if the gate installation professionals you want to hire have a proper license and quality training in gate installation. Additionally, if you want an automated gate, it’s good practice to do a background check and see if the company is not only trustworthy and capable, but that it also specializes in installing the best automated gates.

Electric gates are more challenging to install, and in the case of automatic gates, you’ll need additional layers of accessibility and communication between the gate’s system and your phone and security system, that can become extremely difficult for a conventional gate installation contractor to handle.

So make sure you talk to your gate installation experts at Rocky Mountain Access Controls, inquire about the exact type of automated gate you want to install for your property, and compare their answers and rates to those of other contractors. You’ll find that hiring a highly professional Colorado contractor such as Rocky Mountain Access Controls will really pay off when it comes to ensuring that your new gate is secure and easy to use.

Why Are Automated Gates Great for Your Company Premises?

Why Gate Automation is Good Magnifying Glass Spotlight

When it comes to gate installation, Denver experts have a lot of great advice to give local business owners. You can consider sturdy metal and wooden gates that will keep intruders out, and the best local gate automation Denver experts will also point you in the right direction for selecting the most robust steel locks and the best electronic intruder alarms.

Automated gates, however, are somewhat of a “next level” thing. These types of gates open automatically and can be fitted with all sorts of advanced gadgets and accessories that will make the work of your company’s security team easier.

The best automated gates can be set up to open automatically with the use of access cards and various other options for allowing access only to authorized personnel. Anyone else will have to be allowed to enter by the security team, which makes the system extremely effective for preventing the access of individuals that you don’t want to enter on your property.

Automated gates can also be accessed efficiently from secure apps installed on the smartphones of authorized employees, and the technology is often integrated with advanced security systems that allow for added layers of accessibility, depending on your preference. Gate automation can, therefore become one of the most secure measures you’ve ever added to your commercial property.

Benefits of Professional Gate Installation in Denver

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Gates and access systems are extremely important for business and residential owners who want better security, by monitoring people who come into direct contact with their property, as well as comfort, through as much automation as possible, based on a number of essential components that are mounted to function as a stand-alone system, operated by a code or by sensors that can detect any movement and operate the gate mechanism.

Whether you want swing gates or sliding gates, you will need the expertise of a professional Denver gate company.

Why use professional gate installation services?

-Professional gate installation services in Denver ensure the security of your home/ business, through quality products and various automation options, which contribute to an important security process, by limiting access to the inside of the property.
-Convenience is in also ensured by a professional gate company. It will come up with different products and present you the best methods by which the access roads can be easily opened, without blocking the transit of people or cars entering or leaving the property.
-The costs of these products and services are ideally tailored for various budgets, so everyone can benefit from a gate installation with at the highest standards.

Are Automated Gates a Good Choice for Your Residential Community?

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Up until some time ago, automated gates for access roads were popular only among rich people, but now this concept is different. Nowadays, automated gates are available for various budgets. They are an excellent choice for your residential community due to some advantages that you should know and consider.

Greater safety

Although automatic gates are a great option to keep strangers out of your residential community, they can also be very useful for keeping loved ones safe. For example, if children have space to play outside the house, they will eventually run on the street without thinking. The same goes for animals.

Ease of access

When it comes to the cold months,  or simply days with bad weather, a hand-operated gate can be very inconvenient to open and close. Instead, automatic gates eliminate the need to get out of the car; all you have to do is press the button on the remote control to open the gate, and then to close it.


When it comes to security solutions for your residential community, there is nothing more durable than automatic gates. Almost all models can be customized and are made of durable materials to withstand the environment and the elements.

How Are Slide Gates Installed?

Slide gates are a great option for those who don’t have a lot of space to spare on their properties. The first step to installing such a gate is measuring how long the gate must be. Then the length is doubled in order to know how long the rail must be. The rail on which the gate slides is very important because this is what keeps the gate in place and doesn’t let it wobble or fall.

After measuring the rail, and putting it into place with the help of a spirit level to make sure it is perfectly straight, the next step in installing a slide gate is putting the gate itself onto it. The gate has to have a guiding system, which is usually a set of small rubber wheels that guide the gate along the rail. These wheels also hold the gate upright and don’t let it fall over.

After the gate has been properly installed and tested, if it is automated, the next step is installing the motor and automation elements for the them. Automated sliding gates are usually operated by a system that involves a small motor winch that has a chain attached to it. This helps because it takes a lot of the hard work out of opening and closing the gate.

Why Hi-Tech Gate Automation Has Become So Popular

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Hi-tech gate automation has evolved a great deal in the past few years, to the point that some gate manufacturers have systems that border on the realm of sci-fi. If you want to know about the most cutting edge gate systems, here are a few of the automation and technology features you can expect these days:

• Businesses and organizations can now lock and unlock their gates selectively depending on the people who want to get in. Advanced sensors and intercom systems, as well as surveillance systems and AI can be used to track movement, identify possible intruders and grant access to those whose presence is required in the facility.
• A good gate system is also sturdy and durable, and although we think technology is mainly about computers and AI, the truth is that manufacturing technology is also a big part of hi-tech gate installation and automation. Gates can now come in literally all shapes and sizes, and their construction can be adapted to advanced systems and unique automated settings.
• Gate automation is also good because it looks great and offers a lot more freedom. Systems can be set in place that allow you and your authorized employees to come and go, while the gate stays locked for anyone who doesn’t have the right clearance. For gate automation installation conduct a search for a gate company near me to find a local company in your area.

Why Slide Gates Are Considered Practical and Versatile

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For residential properties, slide gates might not be considered as catchy and as attractive as a well-designed swing gate. However, they are still seen as some of the most practical and versatile gate systems that you can install, and there are a few very good reasons for that:

• These gates take up a surprisingly small amount of space when you consider the way in which they open. You can place a lot of items all around the gate and even in front of it, as long as it doesn’t block you from entering and exiting – which is definitely a great asset when you want to move around freely and you don’t have a lot of space on your property.
• Unlike a swing gate system, slide gates are actually very versatile and durable. As long as the system is properly maintained, you’ll find that these gates can last for a very long time without the need for repairs.
A sliding gate opener is also be more secure. Whether you need it for a residential or commercial property, a good slide gate will be far more difficult to break down than your typical swing gate, and it’s also better at hiding cameras, sensors and other electronics that you might need for surveillance and security.

Gate Automation Tips and the Use of High End Tech Products

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Gate automation seems straightforward at first, especially when there seem to be so many different products for you to choose from. Compared with even a decade ago, gate automation technology has certainly advanced a great deal, as aside from smartphone access and video intercoms showing you images with visitors at the press of a button, you can now have access to gate automation involving preset settings, AI-enhanced gate automation Denver systems and highly sensitive surveillance electronics that will detect the most relevant movement within a wide area of your property.

If you live in the middle of nowhere, it’s important to make sure that your gate and fence system will protect you in the event that an intruder might be close by. Using advanced sensor tracking and surveillance cameras, you can do so without a problem, and your gate system can also capture intruders on camera when you’re not at home.

Even if you live in a city, you can make good use of advanced tech products for gate automation. One of the best recommendations is to combine the use of surveillance cameras with sensors and an advanced intercom that will send the feed of the camera straight through to your smartphone. That way you can easily differentiate between strangers and friends who are visiting your property, and let people in remotely if needed.

5 Benefits Of A Swing Gate

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No matter the exact style of a gate, it certainly represents an attractive element for mostly any home or commercial building. Of course, making a beautiful appearance is not the only thing that they do. They improve the security and privacy of a building.

Swing gates are the most commonly found type of gate, which can be found mostly anywhere, from residential driveways to business premises. They can be secured either by classic latches, or by electronic means. Here are a few of their great advantages:

  1. Because of the way they are built, swing gates usually cost less than sliding gates. Of course, this also depends on the size, the style and the exact type of material of the respective gate. Get all the automation luxury using a swing gate opener.
  2. Swing gates need less maintenance than slide gates. However, this may depend on other factors, as well.
  3. Because they are made from fewer parts, repairing them is more straightforward.
  4. A properly installed swing gate can increase the resale value of any property. First impression always counts, and a swing gate can certainly contribute to a great first image.
  5. They are very convenient as far as noise is concerned, because they operate quietly and smoothly.

Important Questions Relating to Gate and Fence Maintenance: Should You Oil Your Gate?

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When you wonder about using the right lubricant for your gate or even whether you should oil it at all, there are a few very important details to take into account. The gate you own right now is pretty unique, and while it’s similar, for example, to other gates made from the same materials, the hinges and some of the other metal components such as best automatic gate opener might require extra care, if you don’t want them to rust.

So, should you actually oil your gate? The obvious answer is yes. If you fail to do that frequently enough, the gate will start to make noises each time someone opens it, and eventually it could also suffer from rust and damage. Oiling your gate is the easiest and best ways to prevent all that, keep your gate operating smoothly and make sure that it doesn’t suffer too much damage over time.

Now, it’s a little tricky when deciding on the type of oil to use. Typically, the manufacturer or contractor should have provided you with a specific type of oil that you should use. You can apply it once every 6 months or so for best results, and you can find more of it when it’s depleted by either contacting your contractor or finding an online supplier. If you can’t find the same type of oil, make sure you avoid any WD40 or similar products, and aim for white lithium grease or oil instead.