The Services Offered by Automated Gate Companies

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If you need help related to automated gates, here are the services that your Denver gate company can provide:

  • Consultation – choosing the right automated gate for your residential, commercial or industrial property can be a daunting task. The best gate companies offer consultation services, helping their clients determine the features that they need with their gates and providing recommendations regarding the best products to use.
  • Help with product sourcing – good companies usually collaborate with gate manufacturers, which means that they can help their clients buy the actual gate to be installed.
  • Gate installation – one of the core services provided by automated gate companies, gate installation involves all the operations necessary for implementing the new electric gate, including the installation of security cameras, alarms and other features.
  • Gate repair – another major category in the service offerings by an automated gates company, most contractors provide repairs for the units that they have installed as well as for already existing gates, installed by other contractors.
  • Gate upgrades – automated gate companies can also help their clients if the requirements pertaining to the gates already installed have changed and the client needs new features, such as additional lights, sensors or cameras.

Why Does Your Company Need Automated Electric Gates?

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If you are currently looking for a solution to replace your old gates that do not provide the right amount of security or are unsuitable from an aesthetic point of view, here is why automated electric gates are the products that you should look at and research end of first place:

  • Durability – automated gates might be complicated and sophisticated, features that usually hinder durability, but they are constructed in a way to be able to accommodate a wide range of advanced features while also staying reliable and sturdy. Modern automated gates are designed to be able to withstand harsh weather as well as heavy duty usage, allowing you to use your automated gates for a long time.
  • Superior security – another feature that makes automated gates so beneficial for corporate applications is their capability to take the security of your premises to a whole new level. Electric gates can be fitted with sensors and cameras and integrated with your company’s security system, making access control easy undependable.
  • A variety of styles available – automated electric gates are available made from a variety of materials and in a variety of styles, allowing you to choose the type that works best not only for your requirements regarding operation and security, but also for your needs in terms of aesthetics.

Are Cantilever Gates a Good Choice for Your Company?

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There are a lot of advantages of a good cantilever gate being used for companies. One of the most significant advantages is that cantilever gates are more challenging for anyone trying to break in. One of the main concerns of any business owner or manager is securing their property against burglars and thieves of all sorts. Other gates may be good at deterring people from breaking in, but a cantilever gate is the best at it. And that’s because it is tough to open it. You have to be an expert in gates to figure out where the motors are hidden or how to disable the auto-blocking feature on the rollers.

Another great advantage cantilever gates have when used for companies is that they are very low maintenance. These gates don’t roll on a track, so there’s hardly any friction on the gate and so much less material stress. Also, the rollers used to move the gate are very basic and can be handled very easily in case of any mishaps. Sure, you may need to bring somebody from the gate company in from time to time, but that’s only for general maintenance and straightforward repairs. Consider a cantilever gate if you are looking for an easy-to-use and highly functional gate for your business.

Why Automated Gates Are Great for Government Buildings

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Government buildings usually see a lot of traffic, which usually means opening and closing a lot of gates. But for the gates to withstand such usage, they need to be sturdy. That’s why automated gates are the best solution for government buildings. These gates are way more resistant than any other gates, and they can handle a lot of wear and tear. That’s why most government buildings have them. Also, automated gates can take on things that other gate systems can’t. For instance, if somebody wanted to enter by force, an automated gate could pose more of an obstacle for them than other gates. 

Automated gates have another advantage also. Government buildings usually have very tight security. That means that they usually have people stationed just outside the buildings checking everyone coming in or going out. Imagine how hard it would be for a person to have to swing or slide open a gate every time somebody approaches. But with automated gates, they don’t have to. Opening the gate is done with a simple touch of a button. Now the security detail outside the building can focus on keeping the order around the perimeter and not letting anyone unauthorized pass. 

Commercial Swing Gates – How They Can Help Your Building?


Swing gates have certain characteristics that make them excellent for many types of commercial spaces: they do not have to be closed manually, they fit very well in places with heavy traffic, eliminating the risk of them remaining open, and they fit easily everywhere, from company headquarters and shopping malls, to hospitals and restaurants.

The advantages of automatic swing gates:

  • Increasing comfort and convenience – Supposing that you have a store, where people come in or out very often, an automatic swing gate opener can help you save time and get rid of the hassle of repeatedly checking whether the door is closed or not. If you do not use this type of door, you may have to hire someone full time just to handle this task.
  • Increasing security – Many modern automatic doors are equipped with advanced features such as security sensors, wireless remote control, controlled access etc. These allow you to lock and open the gate remotely, which can greatly increase the security of your building.
  • Creating a very pleasant and professional impression – Automatic gates are impressive. They are available in a wide range of finishes, from stainless steel to wood finished steel. Studies have shown that people appreciate this type of door and expect to see them at commercial locations.

How Do Automated Gates Generally Work?

Automated gates function with a motor that is operated via remote control. This remote control sends an impulse to the unit of control, and this way, the motor gets activated. The control unit is able to detect other types of signals as well, like those of photocells. 

Photocells continuously communicate with the control unit and, by using a light beam it can detect human presence within the gate’s action range. So photocells are essential for preventing undesirable accidents.

The exact type and size of a gate operator directly relate to the type and size of the gate. There are many different types of automated gates available in different sizes and with various designs to best match the rest of your house or commercial building. 

Gate operators can be hydraulic, electromagnetic, or solar panels. They can be programmed to be used manually or through a wireless transmitting device. Automated gates can be either sliding gates or swing gates. Just be sure you get the best automatic gate opener available locally.

Regardless of the specific type of automated gate you have, maintenance is the key ingredient to its proper functioning and longevity. If you solve issues as soon as you detect them, you can thus keep expensive repairs at a distance, not only burglars. 

The Benefits of Automated Gates

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  • Automatic swing gates or slide gates are all the rage these days, and most companies that take their security seriously already have them installed by a trusted gate installation Denver technician. While there are many benefits associated with these types of gates, the following are some of the most important that you need to keep in mind before making your choice of whether or not to get one:
  1. Automated gates are, as the name would suggest, fully automatic. That means you don’t need someone to physically open the gate every time someone needs to go in or a truck arrives at your company with new supplies or products.
  2. Since they are completely automated, they are also designed to be easily accessed. These gates can be accessed conveniently through the security system or even through a smartphone, if you want to set them up like that. As such, the entire system can be set up to operate without anyone having to monitor it at all times.
  3. Because they’re not forced or handled roughly by human hands, automated gate systems will also last longer. The system always opens the same way, which means there won’t be any unneeded strain on the lock or the automated sliding system, so there will be fewer durability issues or repairs needed.

Automated Gate Installation – How to Find the Best Professional

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At first glance, gate installation for Denver firms can seem straightforward. Some companies even aim to save time and money by avoiding to hire a legitimate and licensed contractor. Unfortunately, the amount of red flags associated with such an initiative will make you want to avoid it as much as possible.

Experts recommend that you check first of all to see if the gate installation professionals you want to hire have a proper license and quality training in gate installation. Additionally, if you want an automated gate, it’s good practice to do a background check and see if the company is not only trustworthy and capable, but that it also specializes in installing the best automated gates.

Electric gates are more challenging to install, and in the case of automatic gates, you’ll need additional layers of accessibility and communication between the gate’s system and your phone and security system, that can become extremely difficult for a conventional gate installation contractor to handle.

So make sure you talk to your gate installation experts at Rocky Mountain Access Controls, inquire about the exact type of automated gate you want to install for your property, and compare their answers and rates to those of other contractors. You’ll find that hiring a highly professional Colorado contractor such as Rocky Mountain Access Controls will really pay off when it comes to ensuring that your new gate is secure and easy to use.

Why Are Automated Gates Great for Your Company Premises?

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When it comes to gate installation, Denver experts have a lot of great advice to give local business owners. You can consider sturdy metal and wooden gates that will keep intruders out, and the best local gate automation Denver experts will also point you in the right direction for selecting the most robust steel locks and the best electronic intruder alarms.

Automated gates, however, are somewhat of a “next level” thing. These types of gates open automatically and can be fitted with all sorts of advanced gadgets and accessories that will make the work of your company’s security team easier.

The best automated gates can be set up to open automatically with the use of access cards and various other options for allowing access only to authorized personnel. Anyone else will have to be allowed to enter by the security team, which makes the system extremely effective for preventing the access of individuals that you don’t want to enter on your property.

Automated gates can also be accessed efficiently from secure apps installed on the smartphones of authorized employees, and the technology is often integrated with advanced security systems that allow for added layers of accessibility, depending on your preference. Gate automation can, therefore become one of the most secure measures you’ve ever added to your commercial property.

Benefits of Professional Gate Installation in Denver

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Gates and access systems are extremely important for business and residential owners who want better security, by monitoring people who come into direct contact with their property, as well as comfort, through as much automation as possible, based on a number of essential components that are mounted to function as a stand-alone system, operated by a code or by sensors that can detect any movement and operate the gate mechanism.

Whether you want swing gates or sliding gates, you will need the expertise of a professional Denver gate company.

Why use professional gate installation services?

-Professional gate installation services in Denver ensure the security of your home/ business, through quality products and various automation options, which contribute to an important security process, by limiting access to the inside of the property.
-Convenience is in also ensured by a professional gate company. It will come up with different products and present you the best methods by which the access roads can be easily opened, without blocking the transit of people or cars entering or leaving the property.
-The costs of these products and services are ideally tailored for various budgets, so everyone can benefit from a gate installation with at the highest standards.