The Ideal Security Gates in Denver – Materials and Designs to Consider

Security Gates Denver Wrougt Iron

If you are looking for the idea of security gates in Denver, there are some excellent materials and designs that you need to consider. For instance, steel is super strong, making it a top choice for security gates Denver offers. Steel can withstand harsh weather conditions and is resistant to wear and tear. Moreover, it is hard for intruders to break through a steel gate.

Aluminum is yet another good choice, because it is easy to handle and install. At the same time, it will not rust, even when it gets wet. Also, aluminum has a modern, nice appearance.

But if you prefer a more classic style, you can go for a wrought iron gate. This type of material can stand up well over time and can be designed in numerous patterns.

There are also various types of gates to choose from, such as traditional ones, which open like a door and needs space to swing open. Sliding gates, on the other hand, are perfect for smaller areas. They usually slide to the side for opening.

Or you can go for bi-folding gates, which fold in the middle when they are opened. These gates are compact and provide a contemporary touch to your home or commercial building.

How to Determine If Installing Automated Gates Is the Right Next Step for Your Business

electric automatic gate opener installation

When considering the integration of an automatic gate opener into your business operations, you might be pondering whether this move is the right course of action. Thankfully, it is quite straightforward to determine if this decision aligns with your business’s needs and goals.


  • To begin, it is essential to evaluate your business’s specific requirements. Do you find it crucial to have precise control over the ingress and egress of visitors and employees? Is safeguarding your property and assets a paramount concern? Do you contend with a substantial volume of vehicles that necessitate vigilant monitoring? Addressing these inquiries will aid you in determining whether the installation of automated gates is a prudent choice.


  • Once the necessity is established, it is imperative to contemplate the potential advantages of installing automated gates. These gates significantly enhance security and safety on your premises, negating the necessity for manual security checkpoints. Moreover, they contribute to streamlined traffic management, simplifying the process of personnel identification and access authorization.


  • Lastly, it is vital to ensure that your financial resources are adequate to justify the incorporation of automated gates into your business infrastructure. By factoring in security enhancements, improved access control, and installation expenses in your budgetary considerations, you can assess whether integrating automated gates aligns with your fiscal capabilities.


Investing in automated gates might not be the most thrilling decision you will make, but it unquestionably merits your attention in terms of operational efficiency and security enhancement. So, take the initiative and embark on a comprehensive evaluation – automated gates will not install themselves!

What Gates Might You Avoid Because They’re Not Secure Enough?

rocky mountain access controls 100% secure gates installed

Even if your property or building is located in one of the most peaceful areas in Denver, you still want to take security measures and make sure burglars won’t be targeting it. Fortunately, most good quality gates on the market today provide a high enough degree of security if purchased and installed correctly by a company like Rocky Mountain Access Controls of Denver and chosen so as to fit your property well. Since every property is unique, with its own features and layout, the most secure gate – and the best performing one – is the one adapted to your particular case, whether it’s a swing, sliding, or cantilever gate.

For instance, if your property has a short driveway, you might want to avoid a swing gate and opt for a sliding one instead because of the space constraints. Also, if you own a commercial facility, you’ll need to install a gate that’s more durable, faster, and easier to operate compared to residential gate.

Besides the particularities of your property, there are a few aspects to consider to make sure the gate you choose is secure enough. First and foremost, avoid gates and fences that are too low – they will make it simpler for a burglar to access your property. Similarly, avoid gate designs that may provide an easy foothold for a potential climber, and make sure not to store anything by your gates and fences that might aid a step-up.

These are just a few ideas to keep in mind when looking for a secure gate. To find the best fit for you, talk to a local gate installation company in Denver – they will assess your property and advise you on the best security gate systems for your specific case.

How Do Automatic Gates Help Keep Apartment Buildings Secure

gated apartment community automatic gates coded

There is something going on naturally, in more and more apartment buildings: the doors open and close automatically.

Pressing the door latch or turning the round door handle, pulling or pushing the door and closing the door again after you have entered or exit the building – all of these can become annoying, at some point. Especially since people often forget to close the door after passing through. For some, it may not even be possible (e.g., for people in wheelchairs, children, elderly, or disabled). Automated gates provide comfortable access to apartment buildings for everyone, which is the advantage that makes them so popular.

Automatic door systems are available for all types of doors, whether they are small or large, lightweight or heavy. Moreover, almost every form of construction imaginable is possible: fully glazed, wooden, light metal or steel.

Gates with automatic gate opener ensure safety thanks to sophisticated systems and sensors – even in the case of emergencies! Automatic gate installations are interconnected with the building systems, such as the access control system, the building technology and the control units of the smoke and heat exhaust system. This allows centralized control and monitoring of all these systems, thus increasing the efficiency of the infrastructure management.

Does Your Company Really Need to Invest in Electric Gates?

Question Mark Electric Gates Should You Invest

There are a lot of things to be said about electric gates and their advantages for a business. One of the main pros of investing in automated gates is the fact that it takes a lot of the heavy work out of opening and closing gates. This is very useful, especially when you have a large traffic flow and if you want to protect your drivers or clients from getting out of their cars in bad weather.

Besides the practical aspects of electric gates, they also have a lot of aesthetic advantages. For instance, they can improve the overall professional look of your business. Granted small businesses might not have a need for such investments, but larger companies will definitely see an opportunity in having this type of gate be the first thing their clients see. Automated gates give off a certain hard working impression and also a sense of security.

Also, electric gates can also be seen as an investment. You might not see it at first, but over time you will notice that you don’t have to spend so much money on maintenance as you would with other gate types. And, as the materials used become cheaper, so do the gates themselves become more affordable. So you will be saving money in the long run. Also, automated gates tend to keep their value over time, as opposed to other types of gates.    

Are Automated Gates a Good Investment for Protecting Government Facilities?

Modern Commercial Building Metal Automated Gates Security

Government organizations and agencies might require some of the best security in the world. However, the advanced security systems they have on their properties simply aren’t complete without including some proper electric gates that are also designed to be automated and controlled through remote software systems.

Just imagine: you arrive to work, and your “friendly” gate screens you, greets you and allows you to enter the facility without the need for the guard to lift a finger. Then it locks itself and continues to prevent anyone without clearance from entering the premises. It’s “the dream,” but it’s definitely no longer sci-fi.

These days, custom gate installations are available spanning a variety of materials and hi-tech systems. Metal gates are typically recommended for military and government facilities, although that isn’t necessarily the norm. If you talk to a local commercial gate and fence contractor, they will tell you that many other options are also available, including materials like PVC, wood and wrought iron, all of which are considered superior quality when it comes to gate and fence systems.

Automated electric gates are definitely a good investment for any government facility that needs extra security, and you’ll find that the cost, the installation process and the long term maintenance with can all be far more convenient than you first thought.

How Should You Select an Industrial Gate Style That Helps Your Traffic Flow?

gates barrier traffic flow control security gate

Owning large buildings such as a warehouses or factories even at a remote location can lead to traffic problems. As you aim to maximize your facilities’ efficiency levels, you might find that it will become increasingly more difficult to maintain a streamlined traffic flow. An improperly chosen gate can cause a lot of damage to that flow.

For example, when it comes to opening and closing the system, the need for extended time can slow down procedures to a great extent. If you have a high volume of traffic, certain supply lines might be temporarily cut off, which will lead to a reduction in productivity.

A gate system can also be problematic if it’s not designed to handle clearance and security properly. For instance, you might have a system that requires a complex process for halting and inspecting supply vehicles that are scheduled to enter your property. As such, a careful balance has to be achieved between streamlined flow and proper security with proper gate operators.

Selecting a well-designed industrial gate should be made based on all of these considerations. Even if a new gate system is slightly more expensive, it can turn out to be an excellent investment, if it means better traffic flow and improved productivity.

Can You Protect Your Gate from Rain and Cold Weather?

metal gates cantilever gate snow rain winter protect
winter fence metal brick

Depending on the type of gate and fence you own, the rain can do a number on it, and it can lead to a lower life expectancy and significant repairs being needed, even though it might be new. To prevent all that from happening, it’s very important to take a few precautions before fall and winter, so you can protect your gate from issues such as sagging, rotting, rust or pests.

Wooden gates are some of the most susceptible to rain damage. Precipitation can easily affect a wooden gate, distorting it and getting below its exterior protective layers. Once the interior of the wood is affected, it can attract pests such as various insects, and it can also develop mold. The end result might lead to your wooden gate rotting from the inside, if it isn’t tended to properly.

Metal gates are also affected. They can contract during cold weather, so the protective paint and coating can peel off quite easily. Then, as the metal is subjected to rain, it will be damaged significantly over time, as it rusts.

The best way to protect your cantilever gate is by calling in a professional contractor who can evaluate the damage, remove mold, scrape off rust, and protect your gate with the proper coating designed for the material that it was made from.

How to protect your home and business from intruders

Recommendations for preventing home theft:

steel security gates install home protection

-Adapt the security measures to the type of home and the values to be protected, so that prevent intruders from speculating your negligence in securing your home (installation of fences and security gates Denver contractors install that ensure the security you need, the choice of locks provided with keys that cannot be easily multiplied and the purchase of locking/ securing systems that correspond in terms of security standards).

-Avoid storing valuable things in plain sight
-Do not provide information about the assets you own
-Do not allow access to the house to those who come to present you various “promotions”, for charity or for opinion polls! If people who claim to represent institutions that provide public services (rodent control, electrical, thermal or gas installations, etc.) knock on your door, do not allow them in unless they have identity documents.
-Do not tell your acquaintances or post details about your trips away from home on social networks.

 To protect your commercial space:

-Provide adequate lighting of the access doors at night. Important: doors must have alarm systems, secure locks and security grilles.
-Do not keep large sums of money in cash registers and do not provide security information to anyone.
-Carefully select your staff. Quite often unfortunately, criminals act with the support and complicity of the staff serving the unit.

Common Uses for Bollards on Commercial Properties

stainless steel bollards

Bollards are short, sturdy vertical posts made from metal, steel, plastic, concrete or stone that are available in fixed and movable versions. The short poles can serve many purposes, mainly in the realm of access control, with the additional benefit of being efficient carriers for marketing materials, too. Here are some of the most common commercial uses of bollards:

  • Airports – these facilities use bollards extensively for delimiting areas where traffic is or is not allowed as well as for the regulation of traffic;
  • Storefronts located close to parking areas – bollards are the most common solutions used for delimiting the areas destinated to pedestrian traffic from the areas destined to parking cars;
  • Shopping centers – bollards are widely used in malls and shopping centers. The purpose of using bollards ranges from preventing accidents and property damage to signaling any changes in traffic patterns;
  • Warehouses – bollards are especially useful in these facilities, their usage serving the purpose of achieving enhanced security for the goods stored as well as for the people working on the premises;
  • Restaurants – these facilities also use bollards to delimit parking lots and sidewalks. The bollards installed by restaurants are likely to be used as carriers for the restaurant’s advertisements as well.