Are Automated Gate Systems Worth the Cost to Install in Residential Homes?

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When you can afford to live in a more upscale home, it stands to reason that you’d want to boost your security. Burglars tend to target such homes believing they can score a big find, so living there will have most people on edge if they don’t have good security protection.

Aside from an alarm and a surveillance system, it’s also important to have an automated gate system to make sure you can restrict the access of people and cars that you don’t want on your property. Automated gate systems are popular for commercial properties and large residential homes, and they can be extremely efficient if used properly and need periodic automated gate repair services.

You’ll want to have an automated gate system installed if you want to screen all visitors. That’s usually helpful when you have a lot of people coming and going, and you don’t want anyone who isn’t invited to sneak onto your property. It’s also helpful to ensure that family members and close friends can come and go without restriction.

Although automated gate systems are still somewhat expensive, the prices are dropping fast as newer, more ingenious security installations are being devised. For now they are still pretty expensive, but you can already get a few excellent deals on installation costs and warranties, if you take some time to research the best offers.

What Are Turnstile Gates and How Are They Most Commonly Used?

A turnstile gate from Rocky Mountain Access Controls, also called a turnpike, is a type of one-way gate that only allows one person to go through at a time. These gates are very popular at some workplaces, and they can be modified to adapt to certain criteria by which people are being allowed to get through, such as the use of a special access card.

Turnstile gates are used for a wide variety of different applications, especially having to do with entering and exiting a certain area. In some factories and workplaces, they can be used to track employees entering and exiting the premises or a certain area within the property. Sometimes they are also designed to allow or restrict people based on their interaction with certain electronic devices. For example, production floors where anyone entering needs to have ESD protection will require turnstiles to nullify the electric charge of the person, so they won’t be able to damage any sensitive equipment or components through impromptu electric discharges by touch.

You can typically use turnstiles for a wide array of applications within and around your commercial property, even to access certain restricted areas of a store or warehouse via a special card. For such purposes, turnstiles are among the cheapest and most practical installations you can consider.

What Is a Cantilever Gate and Should You Consider Getting One?

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Cantilever gates are very popular these days and for very good reason. If you need a high quality gate with a sliding mechanism that’s quieter, more efficient, easier to use and more durable, then a cantilever gate might be something you should look into.

A cantilever gate is simply a special type of sliding gate. While most sliding gates will be supported by wheels and a track at the bottom, cantilever gates work a little differently. They are supported in the air, and the sliding mechanism is suspended above the gate, so that the gate’s entire weight is supported by it, and the gate slides on it freely.

Now, at first glance there might not be too many important differences that are entirely visible. However, a cantilever gate is actually much quieter because its wheels are not in contact with the ground. Also, the mechanism is not as taxed as in the case of a regular sliding gate, so it usually tends to last longer without needing repairs.

Should you consider getting a cantilever gate? It will generally depend on what type of gate you want when it comes to security, durability and noise reduction. Even though some designs are slightly more expensive than common sliding gates, they are usually well worth the extra cost.

What Are Bollards Used for and Why Do You Need Them?

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Bollards are used quite often these days especially on commercial properties, where they have the primary role of restricting vehicle traffic to certain areas. While you can see bollards as part of public infrastructure in some places, you’ll find that they have many other important applications as well in a variety of industries.

Security is one of the main applications associated with the use of bollards. When you need something to help guide vehicles to avoid certain areas that are restricted only to pedestrian traffic on a large commercial property, then the use of bollards will really come in handy. They can be arranged so that they’ll help guide vehicles only through certain sections and prevent injuries and collisions.

Bollards can also be used as visual cues, which is often the case when they’re used in traffic on public streets and roads. They can also be adapted to the same type of usage on private properties, as you can add them to areas of low visibility to act as guides for cars and vehicles that might not be used to the layout of your property.

Finally, a very important use of bollards is for preventing strong impacts in a collision. Some bollards are designed in such a way that even when you drive straight into them, they will diminish your vehicle’s speed and ensure that the vehicle itself, your property and assets, as well as the people walking behind the bollard barrier will be safe. Find out how to protect your property and people at