The Long-Term Advantages of Installing Slide Gates

Long Term Slide Gate System

As their name says, sliding gates are those types of gates whose opening is achieved by sliding. This system requires that the gates be provided with a series of bearings at the base and placed on a rail mounted at ground level.

When is it advisable to opt for sliding gates?

In principle, choosing a sliding gate is preferable in two situations. First of all, these gates are indicated if the estimated traffic through them is medium to intense (a scenario that applies mostly to commercial properties). The reason behind this suggestion is that sliding gates are usually easier to operate and, moreover, they work great with automation systems.

The second situation in which experts recommend sliding gates is to increase security. As mentioned before, they are compatible with security systems that increase the level of security. Also, unlike swing gates, whose union in the central point can be rather easily forced, sliding gates are made of a single uninterrupted piece. Considering these characteristics, it is safe to say that sliding gates are much harder to penetrate by burglars.

Long-term advantages are obtained especially when you opt for slide gate automation, and they refer to increasing security, increasing comfort and reducing the costs necessary to contract the services of a security company.

Why Your Denver Gate Company Insists on the Benefits of Automated Gates

Rocky Mountain Access Controls Automated Gate Benefits

Automatic gates are one of the best options when you want more accessibility and comfort. With a simple press of a button, the gate closes or opens automatically, and you no longer have to get out of the car or get out of the house to do it yourself.

There are many other advantages that your Denver gate company will insist on:

  • Safety: one of the main reasons why people choose automated gates is increased safety, especially since you have the option to install video cameras for surveillance, signal lamps or efficient security systems.
  • Intimacy: For most people, intimacy is essential. You can choose opaque and taller models to reduce the visibility that neighbors or passers-by may have.
  • Personalization: You can choose to customize automated gates according to your preferences. Call a specialized company, and it will assess your needs and together you will find the perfect solution.
  • Accessibility: You have full control by pressing a button, either on a remote control or directly from your phone. Thus, you do not have to make any more effort to open an automated gate, which is very convenient, especially when the weather is not favorable.

Whether their intended purpose is residential or commercial, automated gates from allow for effective control of a property and also offer increased safety compared to manual gates.

How Remotely Accessed Automated Gates Work

Rocky Mountain Access Controls Automatic Gates Remotely Access

Automatic gates from Rocky Mountain Access Controls of Denver are extremely convenient solutions, which ensure security, but also easy access to a property. All you have to do is to walk up to the gate and it will magically open before you (although magic has nothing to do with it is all pure science!)

But how do these automatic gates actually work?

Automatic gates work using a range of sensors that can detect different things such as sound, light, weight and movement. There are many different types of sensors and each can be perfect for a particular environment. For example, some gates use weight sensors to detect when someone is sitting on an object that resembles a piece of metal.

Another popular method consists of motion sensors. They detect movement around the gate, in certain predefined areas, and send a signal to the gate to open, when they are triggered. After the sensor has been triggered, a message is sent to an electrical system that is directly connected to both the sensor and the clasp, thus controlling the opening and closing mechanism of the gate.

This mechanism is attached to the automatic gates and uses a gear wheel that is connected by rubber straps to control the movement of the gate. Mechanisms work together with sensors to ensure that the gate will work whenever someone wants to pass.

Is Commercial Gate Installation Much Harder Than Residential Projects?

What to Expect Gate Operators Installation Residential vs Commercial

Nowadays, automatic gates are used in all environments — industrial, commercial and for private properties, to allow easy access to the properties. Therefore, an installation of gate operators can be quite similar to residential gate installation projects.

People opt for automatic gates for various reasons:

  • In order to benefit from quick access from circulated streets
  • For better security against forced opening of the gate from the outside, by unauthorized persons
  • To enjoy safety, maximum comfort and elegance in operation

Do you need a gate for your commercial property? A professional company, specialized in distributing and installing gates and security systems and automation can help you!

Through the integrated services it provides, such a company can offer you the best solutions for automating the access ways, specialized assistance in choosing the products that suits your needs, as well as maintenance and repair services during the warranty and post-warranty period.

It is always recommended to turn to professional gate installers, because they are experienced, know all the details related to the proper installation and can ensure the correct operation of your gate.

Regardless of the gate brand you choose, it is not advisable to buy cheap automation, because you will have no warranty on its durability, and you may end up paying for expensive repairs. Specialists will give you the best advice in this regard.