3 Reasons Why Slide Gates Are Great for Large Residential Properties

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Whether you’re used to seeing large, wrought iron fences and gates or imposing wooden gates on a larger property, these are certainly not the only options. Large residential properties can also benefit from advanced, hi-tech gates and convenient gate opening and locking systems such as those used for high end slide gates.

Consider a few of the main reasons why slide gates are so popular today:

  1. Slide gates offer easy access which is sometimes essential when you live or operate on larger properties. Large houses especially have the advantage of housing many people, and a good gate system has to accommodate that.
  2. Since the gate slides open, it won’t take up much space. Whether your lawn and garden take up a lot of space, or you just don’t like your gates to open outwards and block the street, a good system of slide gates and sliding gate opener can solve both those issues and provide you, your household and your guests with easy access to the property.
  3. Slide gates are probably the easiest to automate and fit with all types of high end electric systems. Technology has evolved a lot in recent years, and you’ll find that some of the best control, surveillance and security technologies are also available for residential properties.

How Do Electric Gates Work to Promote Better Security?

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Electric gates are great for your organization for a lot of different reasons. They not only provide a more secure setting in which you can address and keep track of possible intruders from a long distance away, but also because they provide remote access and even allow you to set up the gate to automatically open for only those who have the right clearance.

An electric gate can do a lot of great things. It can open itself, allow for remote access, allow for various controls to be performed through your smartphone or a computer terminal and even be programmed for automation. A basic electric gate won’t have all these features, but it can still be practical simply through the fact that it can be as large and heavy as you want it, and you can still open it just as easily at the press of a button.

With an electric gate, you can be as selective as you want about who you let in and how you perform your security checks. The electric gate openers system can be adapted to your unique approach to keeping your property secure, and it can also be combined with special surveillance systems that include advanced sensors, security cameras, alarms and much more.

Are Automated Gates a Good Investment for Protecting Government Facilities?

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Government organizations and agencies might require some of the best security in the world. However, the advanced security systems they have on their properties simply aren’t complete without including some proper electric gates that are also designed to be automated and controlled through remote software systems.

Just imagine: you arrive to work, and your “friendly” gate screens you, greets you and allows you to enter the facility without the need for the guard to lift a finger. Then it locks itself and continues to prevent anyone without clearance from entering the premises. It’s “the dream,” but it’s definitely no longer sci-fi.

These days, custom gate installations are available spanning a variety of materials and hi-tech systems. Metal gates are typically recommended for military and government facilities, although that isn’t necessarily the norm. If you talk to a local commercial gate and fence contractor, they will tell you that many other options are also available, including materials like PVC, wood and wrought iron, all of which are considered superior quality when it comes to gate and fence systems.

Automated electric gates are definitely a good investment for any government facility that needs extra security, and you’ll find that the cost, the installation process and the long term maintenance with https://www.rmacontrols.com/ can all be far more convenient than you first thought.

Why Hi-Tech Gate Automation Has Become So Popular

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Hi-tech gate automation has evolved a great deal in the past few years, to the point that some gate manufacturers have systems that border on the realm of sci-fi. If you want to know about the most cutting edge gate systems, here are a few of the automation and technology features you can expect these days:

• Businesses and organizations can now lock and unlock their gates selectively depending on the people who want to get in. Advanced sensors and intercom systems, as well as surveillance systems and AI can be used to track movement, identify possible intruders and grant access to those whose presence is required in the facility.
• A good gate system is also sturdy and durable, and although we think technology is mainly about computers and AI, the truth is that manufacturing technology is also a big part of hi-tech gate installation and automation. Gates can now come in literally all shapes and sizes, and their construction can be adapted to advanced systems and unique automated settings.
• Gate automation is also good because it looks great and offers a lot more freedom. Systems can be set in place that allow you and your authorized employees to come and go, while the gate stays locked for anyone who doesn’t have the right clearance. For gate automation installation conduct a search for a gate company near me to find a local company in your area.

Does a Denver Gate Company Offer Good Warranty?

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One of the great things about enhancing and renovating your home and property in the Denver area is that you can talk to and get help from professionals like Rocky Mountain Access Controls that will never shy away from providing some of the best solutions in the industry. Gate installation is an excellent example, as Denver has some of the most reliable and skilled installation experts you will find, and they’re not afraid to go the extra mile when it comes to helping you out with superior solutions and high quality gate systems.

As a result of the superior workmanship and products available for the Denver area, you’ll find that a lot of contractors will also be willing to offer good warranty on their products. For example, if you get a high quality metal gate to go with your existing metal fence, you might expect that the warranty be less than 5 years, especially if you opt for a cheaper product. However, Denver experts frequently provide warranties of 10+ years on both the workmanship and the actual material of the gate.

Even if your gate breaks down much sooner, you can still rely on them to help repair or replace it without having to worry too much about the cost. So you’ll find that spending more upfront for a quality gate system will pay off, as gate installation experts in Denver will be quick to point out.