The Future of Electric Gates: Technology and Trends

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Electric gates are currently popular. In the future, they will become mainstream for commercial and residential properties. In addition, some of their features will probably be improved and better integrated with digital communication systems and video surveillance. Electric gates are also expected to be designed to achieve higher energy savings and lower operational costs.

Electric gates from Rocky Mountain Access Controls are already a very effective solution to protect your property. They save you from the extra effort of having to open and close the door each time you enter or exit. In addition, they offer increased protection to your home or commercial property.

That is, some remarkable features of electric gates make them less likely to be targeted by thieves or criminals. For instance, it is almost impossible to open them by force. Moreover, you can install an intercom that allows you to see or talk to visitors without leaving the house.

Help track visitors

Automating the access gate to the property will help keep track of all your visitors, whether you are a commercial property owner with many visitors who come every day or have many friends who visit your home. An automated gate can keep track of all of them and monitor the traffic.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Electric Gates

Routine Maintenance Electric Gate Openers Gates Installed New

After installing a new electric gate and electric gate openers, you must also consider its maintenance, which is very important to avoid operating problems when you expect them the least.

Keep the gate clean and add a coat of paint or varnish (depending on the material it is made from) when necessary. Like your car for example, your entrance gate will look better if cleaned periodically. If you let it rust and corrode, it will be costly to take it out, sandblast and repaint it. On the other hand, its periodic cleaning and repainting can be done very quickly, does not cost much, and ensures that the gate remains in perfect condition.

Keep away the small creatures – Besides the appearance of your gate, a real problem for all installed electrical equipment can come from where you may not expect it – from small creatures, such as insects or snails. In this regard, the engine must always be covered since snails can easily destroy the circuits of the equipment`s board. The mucous paths they leave behind become very conductive, even with the slightest moisture. The same goes for spider webs.

Lubrication of essential parts – If your system does not have hinges or wheels with airtight bearings, you need to make sure that these are lubricated using high-quality grease applied using a unique tool. Many automations of swinging or sliding gates have internal chains that must also be lubricated periodically.

The Advantages of Slide Gates vs. Swing Gates

slide gate rocky mountain access gates

Automatic gates are growing more and more in popularity and offer a number of advantages. You can choose between slide gates and swing gates, but you will have to consider the location of the main entrance, the environment, and also the level of security you need.

Swing gates have a simpler construction, so they are cheaper, but they have certain disadvantages that slide gates do not have:

They require more space inside the opening, so if you have a limited entrance area, swing gates will not be the best option for you. You should also know that they do not fit too well in sloped areas, unless there is a lot of space underneath the gate, because the slope prevents its normal movements. In addition, the exterior opening design is not optimal and would be convenient only for residential gates.

Swing gates are more sensitive to wind, and this may cause stress on long-term gate mechanics, and, overall, they are considered less safe than sliding gates.

Slide gates – advantages

  • Compact installation: a big plus for the slide gates is that they allow more space for a vehicle to pass through on a property.
  • They are harder to break or force open and look safer, acting as a deterrent
  • Slide gates do not need space inwards or outwards to open properly
  • They are suitable even for uneven or sloped terrains

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The Role of Bollards in Enhancing Security

Bollards Security Measures Gates Building Access

Take a look outside of any commercial building in an urban environment or in areas where car traffic is restricted. Chances are that you notice bollards, which are short posts that have the purpose of restricting vehicle traffic and protecting against the damage that vehicles may cause on buildings, monuments, or homes. They also separate pedestrian areas from vehicle traffic. Some bollards are designed to prevent vehicles from colliding with a building, while others are meant to prevent cars and trucks from entering in certain areas.

Bollards meet some of the security needs of different space and properties, and impact resistance ratings and testing standards have evolved to meet these needs. Security bollards can prevent “smash and grab” burglaries, preventing vehicle access to storefronts. In extreme situations, they may also provide protection of certain areas against terrorist attacks. 

Besides being an effective option for enhancing building security, bollards provide the added advantage of avoiding clutter around a storefront, preventing unauthorized parking.

Installing bollards can be an efficient solution to enhance the security of your property. It is easy to implement and it will make your commercial or private property safer and more comfortable. If you plan to secure your property like this, you should get more information on the various options of bollard types available for purchase.