Advanced Technological Solutions That a Reliable Denver Gate Company Can Recommend

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Denver gate companies understand that security, as well as the aesthetic aspect of your property, whether it is residential, commercial or industrial, is extremely important to you, so they can provide you with gateway automation services at the best price-quality ratio.

The products and components recommended by Denver gate companies are made from a wide range of materials to meet any need and preference, the most popular among customers being swing and sliding gate automation systems.

Specialists are at your disposal with pertinent information and recommendations regarding the choice of the type of automated access gates, taking into account the type of opening required, the size, the weight and the operating regime of the gate. Access gate automation systems are operated quickly and efficiently with the help of a remote control, access cards, code, key or other remote control accessories.

The advantages of automatic swing or sliding access gates are that they include a small number of parts that ensure movement, reduce the time and manual effort of handling the gates, and can be installed both in sight, contributing aesthetically to the appearance of your property, or underground, so as not to interfere with the already existing design of the access gates. Talk with a local Denver gate company at

Commercial Swing Gates – How They Can Help Your Building?


Swing gates have certain characteristics that make them excellent for many types of commercial spaces: they do not have to be closed manually, they fit very well in places with heavy traffic, eliminating the risk of them remaining open, and they fit easily everywhere, from company headquarters and shopping malls, to hospitals and restaurants.

The advantages of automatic swing gates:

  • Increasing comfort and convenience – Supposing that you have a store, where people come in or out very often, an automatic swing gate opener can help you save time and get rid of the hassle of repeatedly checking whether the door is closed or not. If you do not use this type of door, you may have to hire someone full time just to handle this task.
  • Increasing security – Many modern automatic doors are equipped with advanced features such as security sensors, wireless remote control, controlled access etc. These allow you to lock and open the gate remotely, which can greatly increase the security of your building.
  • Creating a very pleasant and professional impression – Automatic gates are impressive. They are available in a wide range of finishes, from stainless steel to wood finished steel. Studies have shown that people appreciate this type of door and expect to see them at commercial locations.

Practical Benefits of Gate Automation

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In most cases, in small stores or pharmacies, the staff is in high demand for various operations, so a gate automation system makes life easier for employees, creates a sense of control and security and can prevent the occurrence of problematic situations.

The possibility of remote control of the gate is available with an automatic gate opener solution installed. In addition, the benefits of gate automation are obvious and multiple: high resistance to heavy traffic, reliability over time, compliance with hygiene requirements (considering the absence of handles, surfaces are not so exposed to contact and therefore the risk of contamination with various pathogens is lower). In addition, if the automatic door is also equipped with a breakout system, it acquires an essential role in the evacuation, in the event of a fire.

Among the practical benefits of gate automation, one that is not always clearly highlighted is the possibility to command the gate lock in the closed position, from the inside, without the need for direct intervention. This may be necessary in various situations: when the maximum number of people allowed in that perimeter has been exceeded (see the rules on social distancing and controlled and limited access in confined spaces, during the crisis caused by COVID-19), when staff inside foresees a certain danger, when a break in the workflow is required (for disinfecting the space, resupplying, inventorying etc.).

How Do Automatic Gates Help Keep Apartment Buildings Secure

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There is something going on naturally, in more and more apartment buildings: the doors open and close automatically.

Pressing the door latch or turning the round door handle, pulling or pushing the door and closing the door again after you have entered or exit the building – all of these can become annoying, at some point. Especially since people often forget to close the door after passing through. For some, it may not even be possible (e.g., for people in wheelchairs, children, elderly, or disabled). Automated gates provide comfortable access to apartment buildings for everyone, which is the advantage that makes them so popular.

Automatic door systems are available for all types of doors, whether they are small or large, lightweight or heavy. Moreover, almost every form of construction imaginable is possible: fully glazed, wooden, light metal or steel.

Gates with automatic gate opener ensure safety thanks to sophisticated systems and sensors – even in the case of emergencies! Automatic gate installations are interconnected with the building systems, such as the access control system, the building technology and the control units of the smoke and heat exhaust system. This allows centralized control and monitoring of all these systems, thus increasing the efficiency of the infrastructure management.