Why Does Your Company Need Automated Electric Gates?

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If you are currently looking for a solution to replace your old gates that do not provide the right amount of security or are unsuitable from an aesthetic point of view, here is why automated electric gates are the products that you should look at and research end of first place:

  • Durability – automated gates might be complicated and sophisticated, features that usually hinder durability, but they are constructed in a way to be able to accommodate a wide range of advanced features while also staying reliable and sturdy. Modern automated gates are designed to be able to withstand harsh weather as well as heavy duty usage, allowing you to use your automated gates for a long time.
  • Superior security – another feature that makes automated gates so beneficial for corporate applications is their capability to take the security of your premises to a whole new level. Electric gates can be fitted with sensors and cameras and integrated with your company’s security system, making access control easy undependable.
  • A variety of styles available – automated electric gates are available made from a variety of materials and in a variety of styles, allowing you to choose the type that works best not only for your requirements regarding operation and security, but also for your needs in terms of aesthetics.

Tips for Hiring the Right Denver Gate Company for the Most Advanced Automation Features

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Gate automation is a very quickly developing area, with new technologies being developed and launched all the time. This means that if you want an automated gate that is fitted with the most modern features, you will need a specialized technician for the installation, a person who has extensive knowledge and experience in working with advanced automation features. here are some tips about how to find that special person in Denver:

  • Know exactly what you want – before you buy your gate or before you contact an automation specialist for advice, try to figure out the features that you need with your gate. While performing your research, consider aspects related to security, smart integration and operating style. Spend a little time researching brands as well and narrow your search gradually to find the ideal brand.
  • Look for a great company that specializes in the brand of choice or in the most important features that you want with your gate – the best gate companies list the brands and the advanced features that they handle so this part of your research should not be very complicated.
  • Arrange for a personal meeting – meeting contractors face to face for the first time will reveal a lot about their attitude as well as about their knowledge and experience. The personal meeting is a wonderful opportunity to ask your questions and to establish a working relationship, get one set up today at https://www.rmacontrols.com/.

Differences between Slide and Swing Gates – Which is Right for Me?

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When it comes to the operating style and the opening direction of modern gates, slide gates and swing gates are the two major categories. While both types are very popular, they are not intended to be installed in the same type of environment, so here are some things that you should know about each of them before you make your choice:

  • The most important difference: the space needed for opening – while slide gates consist of a panel that runs on tracks, swing gates require a certain amount of space in front of or behind the gate to be able to open. In the case of a small or narrow entrance, the best decision is to get a sliding gate, a swing gate being a reasonable option only if the space available around the gate is sufficiently large.
  • The complexity of the operating mechanism – sliding gates run on tracks, which means that they are secured from more than one direction, therefore sliding gate types are generally considered to be a bit more resistant and durable than swinging varieties.
  • Budget – sliding gates require more hardware for the installation, so they might be a bit higher priced than sliding varieties, but the overall price of your gate will be influenced by so many other factors that the direction of the opening is not a decisive one.

How Automated Gates Have Evolved in Recent Years

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Today, automated gates come in an incredible variety of styles and types, some simple and consisting of only a sturdy door controlled with the help of a remote-control device, others complicated and integrated with the home’s smart system. This variety is the result of a long period of development and engineering research – here are a few things to know about the evolution of the automated gate:

  • Electric gates have been around since the 19th century – the very first electric gate was installed in 1881 and used in Canada, to control a railway crossing. The invention became popular very quickly and by 1884 it was already popular at the other side of the Atlantic, in France.
  • Continued popularity – electric gates continued to enjoy great popularity and they spread quickly too other areas. By the 1970s, automated gates were common in apartment complexes, and they gradually became the go to gate solution for single family homes as well.
  • Increasing sophistication – after automated gates have become commonplace known to everyone, engineers started to look into the ways to make gates more sophisticated. One of the ways to achieve that was smart integration, that is, the option to include the automated gate into the smart system installed in the building, suitable for being controlled from a mobile device.

What Gates Might You Avoid Because They’re Not Secure Enough?

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Even if your property or building is located in one of the most peaceful areas in Denver, you still want to take security measures and make sure burglars won’t be targeting it. Fortunately, most good quality gates on the market today provide a high enough degree of security if purchased and installed correctly by a company like Rocky Mountain Access Controls of Denver and chosen so as to fit your property well. Since every property is unique, with its own features and layout, the most secure gate – and the best performing one – is the one adapted to your particular case, whether it’s a swing, sliding, or cantilever gate.

For instance, if your property has a short driveway, you might want to avoid a swing gate and opt for a sliding one instead because of the space constraints. Also, if you own a commercial facility, you’ll need to install a gate that’s more durable, faster, and easier to operate compared to residential gate.

Besides the particularities of your property, there are a few aspects to consider to make sure the gate you choose is secure enough. First and foremost, avoid gates and fences that are too low – they will make it simpler for a burglar to access your property. Similarly, avoid gate designs that may provide an easy foothold for a potential climber, and make sure not to store anything by your gates and fences that might aid a step-up.

These are just a few ideas to keep in mind when looking for a secure gate. To find the best fit for you, talk to a local gate installation company in Denver – they will assess your property and advise you on the best security gate systems for your specific case.