What Are the Main Advantages of Swing Gates over Cantilever Gates?

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There are many options you can choose for your gates. Swing gates can be a very good option, but cantilever gates can still be another great idea, depending on your specific circumstances. A cantilever gate is typically supported by rollers, which are placed behind the fencing system.

There are certain advantages of swing gates as compared to their Cantilever counterparts. For instance, they usually take up less space. In this respect, we should note the fact that Cantilever gates have to be about fifty percent longer than the driveway opening, in order to counterbalance the mounting posts’ weight.

At the same time, a quality swing gate can cost less. That is due to the fact that they are smaller and they do not require so many materials to be manufactured. Because swing gates are not supported by mounting posts, the gate frames do not need to be as solid as cantilever gates.

And because they are lighter, swing gates are easier to install. Moreover, having a gate that goes down to the ground level has several benefits. For instance, if you have a dog, it will prevent your pet from getting out of your yard. At the same time, this type of gate keeps wild animals away from your property.

What Are Cantilever Gates?

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Modern gates can be classified into two categories: the ones that slide open and the ones that swing. Cantilever gates belongs to the category of gates that slide with the help of a cantilever system consisting of the gate itself relying on the gate posts for support and sliding on a track. While sliding gates come in a variety of designs, a cantilever gate is still among the most popular – here are some of the most important features to account for that popularity:

  • Reliability and durability – cantilever constructions are among the sturdiest solutions available today, the gates featuring this construction being among the most reliable and most durable options.
  • Varied design – cantilever gates can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, metal and a variety of synthetic options. These gates also come in a seemingly endless variety of styles and designs, making it easy for anyone to find the type that best matches the properties of the architecture that the gate will be installed next to.
  • Silent operation and very low maintenance needs – another feature of cantilever gates that make them so popular is that there is practically no sound associated with operating the gates. Their construction being so straightforward, maintaining these gates is also very quick and easy.

How To Protect Your Cedar Fence

Cedar is a durable wooden material, which can actually withstand many outside dangers. With the help of a cedar fence, the exterior of any home can look beautiful and appealing. In case it is properly maintained, a cedar fence can preserve its beauty and integrity for many years.

There are several things to do to prevent your cedar fence from turning gray. First of all, cedar fences usually have a reddish color. Stains should be transparent or half-transparent, in order to show the natural color of cedar.

Clearing weeds and plants that start growing close to the fence is yet another important thing to do to protect your cedar fence. As far as cleaning is concerned, there are several mix solutions which you can use. For instance, you can pour about 3 cups of water into a bucket, and add one cup of bleach, and then mix the solution. You need to first test the solution on a small portion of the fence, to make sure that the bleach does not discolor the wood. Then you can scrub the fence with the cleaning solution.

After that, you can remove debris from the fence with the help of a pressure washer. Then you should let the fence dry. If you are looking for automatic gate control call on https://www.rmacontrols.com/.

What Are Turnstile Gates and How Are They Most Commonly Used?

A turnstile gate from Rocky Mountain Access Controls, also called a turnpike, is a type of one-way gate that only allows one person to go through at a time. These gates are very popular at some workplaces, and they can be modified to adapt to certain criteria by which people are being allowed to get through, such as the use of a special access card.

Turnstile gates are used for a wide variety of different applications, especially having to do with entering and exiting a certain area. In some factories and workplaces, they can be used to track employees entering and exiting the premises or a certain area within the property. Sometimes they are also designed to allow or restrict people based on their interaction with certain electronic devices. For example, production floors where anyone entering needs to have ESD protection will require turnstiles to nullify the electric charge of the person, so they won’t be able to damage any sensitive equipment or components through impromptu electric discharges by touch.

You can typically use turnstiles for a wide array of applications within and around your commercial property, even to access certain restricted areas of a store or warehouse via a special card. For such purposes, turnstiles are among the cheapest and most practical installations you can consider.

Should You Rely on Your Gate Company to Tell You About City Codes?

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Building codes are typically required and enforced through the county you live in, and they pertain to all the cities and municipalities found within that county. If you live in a city with fewer building codes, you have the benefit of greater freedom when it comes to choosing the specific additions and features of your building or home.

In most cases, the gate company such as Rocky Mountain Access Controls that you hire to install a new gate for you will tell you all about the building codes that you’ll need in your area. However, you should definitely not rely on their help in all cases. It could happen that the company you hire is from a different county, and that they don’t really know – or worse, they give you false information on the required standards.

Your best choice is that, while you ask your gate company about the city codes pertaining to your property and the gate you want to install, you should also ask your city representatives. A simple phone call or a visit to the official website of your city or county should solve a lot of problems before they even appear. That way you’ll know exactly what the city codes have to say about your project and how to make the right decisions regarding it.

How Do You Find the City Guidelines Necessary for Replacing Your Residential Gates?

The various guidelines for installing fences and gates can differ from one area to another. While cities that are stacked together in the same state and geographic area might feature similar rules and regulations, remote cities and towns could have different guidelines for residential gates. Just because you live pretty close to a larger city, it doesn’t mean your town has the same rules.

Some research is necessary to find the exact guidelines for your city, however in most cases you will find an online document that provides you with all the information you need on the official website of your home town. Looking for a gate company near me is always a way to know what the city guidelines are as they keep up with the regulations. The document should contain the various details, guidelines and regulations associated with the standards you have to abide by when erecting your fence or adding a new gate to it.

You might have details associated with the minimum or maximum height of your gate or fence, the distance from a neighboring property or the minimum distance between your gate and your front lawn. Also, you can find valuable information such as whether or not you require a building permit in order to get a new gate. Such details will help a lot, especially if you don’t know what to do when you first entertain the idea of replacing your gate.

Should You Install Bollards on Your Commercial Property? – Regulations and Tips

Commercial Business Owner What Should I Do Employee Safety Bollard Installation

Installing bollards can be a very lucrative endeavor. Aside from the fact that they provide you with better security and safety on your property, they can also be used to prevent vehicles from finding their way into areas that are restricted. In North America, the use of bollards has been rapidly growing more and more popular in recent years.  

The price is relatively affordable, and bollards are generally quite accessible, so you won’t have a problem when it comes to finding experts who can help you select the right type and design of bollard for your property.

When it comes to planning and regulation, it’s very important to know what type of property you’re installing the bollard on. If it’s on land that belongs to the local council – such as a parking lot outside your building – then you will need to contact the council for permission and to discuss your project thoroughly. However, if the bollards will be installed on your private property, then all you need to do is find an expert who can install them for you and get the project started.

Care must still be taken if you want to install bollards on a rented property. If the property doesn’t belong to you, then you’ll have to get in touch with the landlord and ask for permission, before you begin any kind of work.

What Is the Real Purpose of a Barrier System?

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Depending on what it’s used for, a barrier system can be helpful or annoying. If you’re a security guard tasked at keeping unauthorized cars out of a certain area, then having a sturdy and well-designed barrier system like automated gates will help you out a lot. However, if you’re in a parking lot that works based on barriers and the system is malfunctioning, you might miss out on an important meeting by the time you manage to get out.

Simply put, barrier systems are made to keep cars or people in (or out) of certain areas. They can be set up at the entrance of a commercial property, a school or university, as well as the parking lot of a restricted military or scientific facility. Barriers keep unauthorized people out and can help prevent visitors, for example, from reaching dangerous areas within a facilities.

If you want a barrier system for your property, it’s important of course, to consider carefully how the system should work, what its dimensions are and how efficient they have to be to keep people out by force. For example, some properties might require uncommonly large barriers to allow large vehicles through, as well as strong barriers made of steel to prevent a large and heavy vehicle from making its way through by force.

What Is a Bollard and What Can It Really Be Used for?

Whether you own a commercial building or you are the custodian of a large building or home where you need to be careful of where cars might be able to go, it’s a good idea to consider bollards that can block off traffic in areas where only pedestrians may walk.

But what is a bollard anyway? Bollards are small, thick posts commonly made of metal, which have the role of blocking traffic to a certain location. These posts are often seen at entrances on pedestrian-only zones, where you can’t enter with your car, and they are quite effective at keeping vehicles out due to the limited distance between two bollards.

These bollards are inserted into the ground, so that significant force would be required to move them out. Even if a car were to crash into a bollard, chances are the one that would sustain the most damage would be the vehicle.

Bollards can help in a lot of applications, for instance keeping vehicles out of areas reserved to children’s playgrounds. If your company has a green area or a playground for kids to enjoy themselves, then it makes a lot of sense that you’d need a bollard to take the danger of traffic out of the equation entirely.