How To Protect Your Cedar Fence

Cedar is a durable wooden material, which can actually withstand many outside dangers. With the help of a cedar fence, the exterior of any home can look beautiful and appealing. In case it is properly maintained, a cedar fence can preserve its beauty and integrity for many years.

There are several things to do to prevent your cedar fence from turning gray. First of all, cedar fences usually have a reddish color. Stains should be transparent or half-transparent, in order to show the natural color of cedar.

Clearing weeds and plants that start growing close to the fence is yet another important thing to do to protect your cedar fence. As far as cleaning is concerned, there are several mix solutions which you can use. For instance, you can pour about 3 cups of water into a bucket, and add one cup of bleach, and then mix the solution. You need to first test the solution on a small portion of the fence, to make sure that the bleach does not discolor the wood. Then you can scrub the fence with the cleaning solution.

After that, you can remove debris from the fence with the help of a pressure washer. Then you should let the fence dry. If you are looking for automatic gate control call on