What Are Turnstile Gates and How Are They Most Commonly Used?

A turnstile gate from Rocky Mountain Access Controls, also called a turnpike, is a type of one-way gate that only allows one person to go through at a time. These gates are very popular at some workplaces, and they can be modified to adapt to certain criteria by which people are being allowed to get through, such as the use of a special access card.

Turnstile gates are used for a wide variety of different applications, especially having to do with entering and exiting a certain area. In some factories and workplaces, they can be used to track employees entering and exiting the premises or a certain area within the property. Sometimes they are also designed to allow or restrict people based on their interaction with certain electronic devices. For example, production floors where anyone entering needs to have ESD protection will require turnstiles to nullify the electric charge of the person, so they won’t be able to damage any sensitive equipment or components through impromptu electric discharges by touch.

You can typically use turnstiles for a wide array of applications within and around your commercial property, even to access certain restricted areas of a store or warehouse via a special card. For such purposes, turnstiles are among the cheapest and most practical installations you can consider.