What Is a Bollard and What Can It Really Be Used for?

Whether you own a commercial building or you are the custodian of a large building or home where you need to be careful of where cars might be able to go, it’s a good idea to consider bollards that can block off traffic in areas where only pedestrians may walk.

But what is a bollard anyway? Bollards are small, thick posts commonly made of metal, which have the role of blocking traffic to a certain location. These posts are often seen at entrances on pedestrian-only zones, where you can’t enter with your car, and they are quite effective at keeping vehicles out due to the limited distance between two bollards.

These bollards are inserted into the ground, so that significant force would be required to move them out. Even if a car were to crash into a bollard, chances are the one that would sustain the most damage would be the vehicle.

Bollards can help in a lot of applications, for instance keeping vehicles out of areas reserved to children’s playgrounds. If your company has a green area or a playground for kids to enjoy themselves, then it makes a lot of sense that you’d need a bollard to take the danger of traffic out of the equation entirely.