Should You Rely on Your Gate Company to Tell You About City Codes?

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Building codes are typically required and enforced through the county you live in, and they pertain to all the cities and municipalities found within that county. If you live in a city with fewer building codes, you have the benefit of greater freedom when it comes to choosing the specific additions and features of your building or home.

In most cases, the gate company such as Rocky Mountain Access Controls that you hire to install a new gate for you will tell you all about the building codes that you’ll need in your area. However, you should definitely not rely on their help in all cases. It could happen that the company you hire is from a different county, and that they don’t really know – or worse, they give you false information on the required standards.

Your best choice is that, while you ask your gate company about the city codes pertaining to your property and the gate you want to install, you should also ask your city representatives. A simple phone call or a visit to the official website of your city or county should solve a lot of problems before they even appear. That way you’ll know exactly what the city codes have to say about your project and how to make the right decisions regarding it.