Is Gate Automation a Good Solution?

Gate installation in Denver is usually straightforward. If you add gate automation into the mix, it might get a little trickier and more expensive. However, as many experts will tell you, the benefits you can gain from an automated gate will be well worth it:

  1. An automated gate will ensure that you don’t have to worry about your staff or workers having to check to see who is at the gate. Automated gates feature remote screening hardware and technology that allows you to open and close the door from a distance away. That’s a big plus when it comes to security.
  2. If you own a company that makes or receives a lot of deliveries, then gate automation Denver businesses offer will save you a lot of time. Drivers can simply be given an electronic ID they can use to check in or out, and the automated gate will open for them while still keeping any unwanted intruders out.
  3. Gate automation also ensures that a lot of assignments that would normally require human involvement will no longer be required. For example, if you have different areas within the grounds of your property that are separated from others by gates and fences, automation will allow for fewer staff members having to man those areas.

Benefits of Commercial Security Gates in Denver

Commercial security gates

A sturdy and hi-tech security gate might be just what you need to ensure that your property and your workers remain safe. Commercial security gates Denver offers are remarkably diverse and designed to be very practical in most cases.

There are a few different types of commercial security entrances you can opt for, and each has its own unique advantages. A few of the most well-known designs include swing, slide, bi-folding and vertical gates. Vertical gates and slide gates are often seen as more practical for hauling things in and out of one’s commercial property, while swing gates are more for show.

In terms of installing the right kind of security gate, you will of course, have to think about the material you opt for as well. PVC and aluminum is good enough, but a gate made of steel or iron is far more secure and resilient. If your gate also has a sturdy lock, then the only vulnerability you’ll really have to think about is the electronic element.

Electronics are embedded into security gates for a variety of reasons. Sensors are added and connected to silent alarms to detect an intruder as soon as they try to force open the gate or climb over it. They are also used for automation, remote access and for screening anyone attempting to get through. All these features can improve the way you access your gate and keep your employees from taking any unnecessary risks.

How Are Slide Gates Different from Swing Gates?

Slide Gate vs Swing Gate Differences

When you’re planning to get a new gate system, it’s very important to make an informed choice on it. For example, learning the differences between a slide gate and a swing gate can assist you in making the right choice depending on what you actually want from your new gate.

Slide gates typically slide to one side (either to the left or to the right) using a mechanism that essentially drives them into the adjacent part of the fence or wall. These types of gates are extremely useful when you have a lot of excess material or equipment lying around or when your workers need the extra space in front of the gate to navigate their way in or out while carrying bulky materials.

On the other hand, a swing gate opens in the traditional way, like a door. It swings in either direction (inwards or outwards) and once it’s released, it simply closes. Unlike sliding gates, a swing gate is not designed to save space. Also, the mechanism that controls a swing gate can sometimes be more easily damaged. The most important advantage of a swing gate is its superior appearance and easier maintenance work.

Although slide gates would need a little more work when they break down, or for preventive maintenance, most experts will agree that they are the better choice compared to a swing gate. For practical purposes, you can save a lot of time and get more space around the gate to use as you deem fit.

Reasons to Invest in Installing automated Gates on Your Property

Automated Gates Property Security

Automated gates might cost a little more than conventional gate systems, but they have a lot of impressive advantages. While some might feel that it’s a stretch to invest in automated gates, in truth it can help not only improve your security, but also transform the way you do business.

The way automated gates work is that they allow you to open and close the gate of your property remotely, or even if nobody is there to control it. Such automated gate systems work through the use of a special ID hierarchy that allows, for example, some employees to walk in just through simply swapping a card, while others have to be screened by security.

Instead of having a security officer check someone’s truck or car and verify their identity, you can get an automated gate system which allows for remote or automatic authentication based on specific types of approved credentials. That way, everyone who is authorized to drive or walk onto your property will be allowed in, while everyone else will be kept out.

The beauty of modern day automated gates in Denver is that they can be used on any type of commercial or residential property, and that they have some really hi-tech features you can benefit from. Some of these include advanced sensors, touchscreen-operated security panels, infrared cameras for identifying people at night and advanced software designed to make controlling your gates remotely an extremely easy process.