What Is the Best Type of Gate You Can Buy for Your Home?

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Whether you just bought a house, or you simply need a new swing gate to replace the old one, it’s important to consider getting the right gate. Depending on why you need it, you’ll find that buying a good gate can be tricky, since you have to consider what each material is able to help you with, how long they last and how the design will impact your home’s surroundings.

So, the first thing you have to ask yourself is, what do you actually need your new gate to do? Should it primarily be for security? Do you need it to be as resilient and heavy as possible? Or maybe you’d like a lighter, friendlier and smaller gate that also adds to the aesthetics of your property as well as improving its curb appeal.

The latter would normally imply a gate made out of wood, PVC or another similar material that would be lighter and easier to customize or paint. Wood is best for aesthetics, while PVC can be good for privacy, ease of installation and as a low budget choice.

A metal gate is what you’d need to enjoy both aesthetics and durability. Metal gates are better at locking up and protecting your property from intruders, and they’re also fireproof and longer lasting than almost any gate made up of most other types of materials.

Will Your Electric Gate Stop Working if You Lose Power?

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Before buying any type of electric gates, a lot of people worry about the fact that, were they to lose power, they might have to cut their electric gate open just to get out of (or back into) their property. This is a common fear and misconception that is, however, very unfounded.

The design of most electric gates is such that, as you might expect, they come with a fail-safe mechanism that opens the gate if such a thing were to happen. As power is lost, the fail-safe, “manual release” is immediately activated, ensuring that you can manually open the gate if you need to. That way, it stays locked in the event that any intruders might try to get in, but it still allows you to have way of getting through.

This manual release mechanism is usually in the form of a common lock and key. Once you use the key, a mechanical device opens the gate as with any lock, and it allows you access. Then you can lock the gate the same way until the power is back on, so it will effectively continue to operate as an old fashioned gate, rather than shut itself up and lock you in or out without any option of opening it again.

Quick Fixes vs. Complete Replacements: Can You Have Your Old Gate Repaired?

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Can you have your old gate repaired? Even professionals will tell you at some point that you might be better off upgrading to a new and improved gate rather than trying to have the old one fixed. However, that’s not always the case. Older gates, like older fences, can still be fixed using the right tools and materials, depending on the extent of the damage.

It depends a lot on the material that your gate is made from and how damaged or worn out it is. When you have a metal gate, for instance, the discoloration and rust can be removed with sandpaper and by simply repainting the gate. Also, any areas where the gate was weakened or dented can be fixed with the right tools and with strengthening rods that can be fastened to it in order to increase its structural integrity.

Wooden gates can be broken or worn out as well, but the real danger is when they’ve been eaten by termites or severely affected by mold and mildew. In such cases, it’s usually best to have them replaced entirely, although depending on the extent of the damage, some damaged areas can be removed and replaced, while at other times, the damage can simply be scraped off and the gate will look brand new. If you are in the market for a gate repair or even an upgrade conduct a search for gate company near me to find someone close that can do annual inspections and keep it working as it should.