Can You Protect Your Gate from Rain and Cold Weather?

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Depending on the type of gate and fence you own, the rain can do a number on it, and it can lead to a lower life expectancy and significant repairs being needed, even though it might be new. To prevent all that from happening, it’s very important to take a few precautions before fall and winter, so you can protect your gate from issues such as sagging, rotting, rust or pests.

Wooden gates are some of the most susceptible to rain damage. Precipitation can easily affect a wooden gate, distorting it and getting below its exterior protective layers. Once the interior of the wood is affected, it can attract pests such as various insects, and it can also develop mold. The end result might lead to your wooden gate rotting from the inside, if it isn’t tended to properly.

Metal gates are also affected. They can contract during cold weather, so the protective paint and coating can peel off quite easily. Then, as the metal is subjected to rain, it will be damaged significantly over time, as it rusts.

The best way to protect your cantilever gate is by calling in a professional contractor who can evaluate the damage, remove mold, scrape off rust, and protect your gate with the proper coating designed for the material that it was made from.

Will Your Metal Gate Rust in the Colorado Winter Weather?

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Colorado is notorious for being an extremely dry state. As a result, you might think that there’s nothing to fear in terms of having metallic elements rust, and your slide gate should be included in that category. However, despite being dry, Colorado has its fair share of precipitation, depending on where you live, and in the winter that precipitation can even become more dangerous for the integrity of your metal gate and fence.

As snow falls, it has a far better chance of “sticking” to parts of your gate compared to rain. Even though the dry weather in Colorado can lead to water evaporating easily during the summer or autumn, it won’t do the same for snow, especially since the difference in temperature is quite substantial between summer and winter.

As a result, fallen snow can freeze during the night, then as temperatures fall below freezing during the day, the ice can melt and negatively affect your gate, even leading to parts that are less protected by damaged coating being subjected to rust.

To prevent this from happening, it is very important to consider servicing your slide gate before the winter months and possibly repainting or adding a new protective layer of coating. That way, your gate will be protected from ice and water, and it will no longer rust upon the arrival of winter.

How Safe Is It to Put Holiday Lights on Your Gate?

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While you might be really invested into the festive spirit of Christmas, there are many concerns that have to be addressed when you install large numbers of lights all around your home and even on your gate and fence. The problem isn’t necessarily one of logistics and the amounts of lights you can install, as there are installations you can use for setting up thousands of lights and have them work just right. The main issue, however, is one of safety.

Now, safety isn’t a big problem when you set up your lights on the interior of your wooden fence, which doesn’t conduct electricity, or on top of your roof, where no one ever goes. However, the gate is an element that is frequently used in a direct way, and it can be a safety concern if you surround it with electric wires.

The main issue has to do with installing lights on a metal gate. Made worse by precipitation when the weather warms slightly and the ice and snow starts to melt, the electrical conductivity of the gate can lead to even the smallest electric discharge causing a short circuit and becoming a hazard for a passerby or a visitor. As a result, it’s usually best to avoid installing electric lights on your fence, unless you opt for just a few small LED colored lamps powered by low energy batteries. Talk with the professionals at

Should You Have Your Gate Serviced for the Winter Weather?

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Your gate is among the few exterior elements that actually have moving parts. As a result, servicing it before the winter freeze arrives is usually a must, as it can be easy for gates to be affected by changing temperatures. Metal gates in particular tend to contract and expand when faced with temperature changes, so you definitely don’t want to come home one day and find that your gate is stuck because of the freeze.

Servicing your gate should involve checking all moving and electronic parts. The locks and the parts that connect your gate to the fence, as well as all the small electric and electronic components of your gate that make automatic and remote locking possible – if you have smart features installed – should all be checked.

It’s also a good idea to check the gate’s elevation from the ground and make sure that it’s at an appropriate height. Otherwise, precipitation and other environmental stressors can cause the gate to drag over the ground and damage your walkway.

It’s best to find a dependable gate installation Denver contractor who can not only evaluate the condition of your gate but also offer solutions for repairing or replacing it, if needed. Consider calling one of your local experts to take a look, and comparing their evaluations with the opinions of others before making your choice.

How Do You Clean a Metal Gate and Protect It from Environmental Stressors?

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The secret to keeping your metal and aluminum gates clean and possibly also painting it can be a tricky task because it sounds simple, but it rarely is. The idea here is that you have to keep an eye out for rust and other potential issues that might come up. Your gate could have elements that might come loose as you wash it, and it’s possible that the water you use could accelerate the process of rusting certain areas that are no longer protected by paint. In such cases, you’ll have to ponder the situation carefully and make the call as to whether or not repainting your gate might be necessary.

The cleaning process should be done in two steps:

  1. First, use soapy water to gently remove all the dust and dirt. Then, once everything is clean, you have to check for rust and remove the rust by rubbing it with sandpaper. Since that process can cause your metal gate to become dirty again, it’s important to clean it a second time.
  2. The second process should be the same as the first one, using nothing but a cloth and some soapy water, then washing the gate again and rinsing it to remove any leftover debris, rust and soap.

Once you’re done with all that, you might notice that a lot of the previously rusty areas are now directly exposed to the elements, so it’s best to apply some primer and paint over it all, to ensure that your gate is well-protected.