When Are Electric Gates Required for a Commercial Property?

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Any Devner gate company can tell you that the use of electric gates is rapidly becoming more and more popular. The uses of these types of electric gates have to be considered carefully, as you might miss out on a lot of the benefits that they might have to offer:

  1. One of the most important instances in which electric gates are needed is when you need to have your gates opened and closed on a regular basis. Sometimes vehicles or people might need to be cleared before being allowed to pass through to certain areas of your commercial property. In such cases, it’s essential to get a gate that will open quickly and easily.
  2. Larger gates usually have to be at least electric, if not fully automated and remotely opened and closed. That is because of the difficulty of accessing the gates in a timely fashion when large trucks of goods are waiting to be allowed to pass. Time is often of the essence in such situations, so it’s a good idea to consider installing a quality electric gate.
  3. When increased security is needed, electric gates can ensure that, even if the lock is broken, the heavy gate itself can remain to add an extra layer of security that will prevent intruders from getting onto your property at least temporarily.

The Future of Electric Gates: Technology and Trends

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Electric gates are currently popular. In the future, they will become mainstream for commercial and residential properties. In addition, some of their features will probably be improved and better integrated with digital communication systems and video surveillance. Electric gates are also expected to be designed to achieve higher energy savings and lower operational costs.

Electric gates from Rocky Mountain Access Controls https://www.rmacontrols.com/ are already a very effective solution to protect your property. They save you from the extra effort of having to open and close the door each time you enter or exit. In addition, they offer increased protection to your home or commercial property.

That is, some remarkable features of electric gates make them less likely to be targeted by thieves or criminals. For instance, it is almost impossible to open them by force. Moreover, you can install an intercom that allows you to see or talk to visitors without leaving the house.

Help track visitors

Automating the access gate to the property will help keep track of all your visitors, whether you are a commercial property owner with many visitors who come every day or have many friends who visit your home. An automated gate can keep track of all of them and monitor the traffic.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Electric Gates

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After installing a new electric gate and electric gate openers, you must also consider its maintenance, which is very important to avoid operating problems when you expect them the least.

Keep the gate clean and add a coat of paint or varnish (depending on the material it is made from) when necessary. Like your car for example, your entrance gate will look better if cleaned periodically. If you let it rust and corrode, it will be costly to take it out, sandblast and repaint it. On the other hand, its periodic cleaning and repainting can be done very quickly, does not cost much, and ensures that the gate remains in perfect condition.

Keep away the small creatures – Besides the appearance of your gate, a real problem for all installed electrical equipment can come from where you may not expect it – from small creatures, such as insects or snails. In this regard, the engine must always be covered since snails can easily destroy the circuits of the equipment`s board. The mucous paths they leave behind become very conductive, even with the slightest moisture. The same goes for spider webs.

Lubrication of essential parts – If your system does not have hinges or wheels with airtight bearings, you need to make sure that these are lubricated using high-quality grease applied using a unique tool. Many automations of swinging or sliding gates have internal chains that must also be lubricated periodically.

Are Electric Gates A Good Choice For Residential Properties?

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An increasing number of residential owners opt for electric gates these days, and that is mainly because of the protection and security these products provide. In addition, these gates are manufactured in a variety of designs, matching any property.

Electric gates are a good choice for residential properties, for several reasons:

1. Confidentiality and security

Privacy and security are very important for every family. Installing an electric gate is the best way to protect it with a single push of a button, which offers you full control when it comes to granting someone permission to enter or exit. You can get a gate in any shape, size or height, according to your needs.

2. Comfort

Electric gates are a comfortable option because they eliminate the need to physically open/ close it,  each time you enter or leave the property. This is especially convenient in unfavorable weather conditions.

There are different ways to unlock an electric gate. Some of the popular methods include remote control, card or PIN readers, while other more advanced electric gates come with sensors designed to read specific signals.

3. Cost efficiency

Installing an electric gate is a cost-effective solution that may even bring you a discount from your insurance company, because of the extra protection you have installed on your property.

Gate Installation Challenges for Which You Need a Denver Professional

Gate installation can be quite complex, especially if you want to choose an automated gate. Therefore, hiring a Denver gate company can be the best choice.

For example, even if you want an automated gate, it is essential to make sure it still works even without automation, especially in case of emergency or if the power gets cut off.

There can be certain specific issues which require professional interventions while installing your gates. For instance, gates on slopes may be a little bit problematic, especially as far as their installation is concerned.

Another important detail to consider is if the gate openers are good enough to fulfill their intended purpose. You need to make sure that these elements meet the requirements established by the manufacturer.

During the gate installation Denver area process, it is very important to ensure that a proper control system is employed for opening and closing the gate. There can be push-buttons, keypads, mobile phones or auto vehicle detectors.

And another challenge for which you need professionals is the access needed for gardeners, dustmen or postmen.

Although hiring a professional for installing your gate certainly implies more costs, it is worth it to do that. You will thus have someone who can take full responsibility for the job.

How Automated Gates Have Evolved in Recent Years

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Today, automated gates come in an incredible variety of styles and types, some simple and consisting of only a sturdy door controlled with the help of a remote-control device, others complicated and integrated with the home’s smart system. This variety is the result of a long period of development and engineering research – here are a few things to know about the evolution of the automated gate:

  • Electric gates have been around since the 19th century – the very first electric gate was installed in 1881 and used in Canada, to control a railway crossing. The invention became popular very quickly and by 1884 it was already popular at the other side of the Atlantic, in France.
  • Continued popularity – electric gates continued to enjoy great popularity and they spread quickly too other areas. By the 1970s, automated gates were common in apartment complexes, and they gradually became the go to gate solution for single family homes as well.
  • Increasing sophistication – after automated gates have become commonplace known to everyone, engineers started to look into the ways to make gates more sophisticated. One of the ways to achieve that was smart integration, that is, the option to include the automated gate into the smart system installed in the building, suitable for being controlled from a mobile device.

How Do Electric Gates Work to Promote Better Security?

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Electric gates are great for your organization for a lot of different reasons. They not only provide a more secure setting in which you can address and keep track of possible intruders from a long distance away, but also because they provide remote access and even allow you to set up the gate to automatically open for only those who have the right clearance.

An electric gate can do a lot of great things. It can open itself, allow for remote access, allow for various controls to be performed through your smartphone or a computer terminal and even be programmed for automation. A basic electric gate won’t have all these features, but it can still be practical simply through the fact that it can be as large and heavy as you want it, and you can still open it just as easily at the press of a button.

With an electric gate, you can be as selective as you want about who you let in and how you perform your security checks. The electric gate openers system can be adapted to your unique approach to keeping your property secure, and it can also be combined with special surveillance systems that include advanced sensors, security cameras, alarms and much more.

Why Gate Systems Are Not Just for the Rich and Famous

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There is a certain misconception that gate systems are only for the rich. This is far from true, as there are many types of gates that are quite affordable. Also, in this day and age, as technology is getting cheaper, advanced security gates are now available to the general public at a much more affordable price overall.

If you want to get a quality gate, you’ll find that even a sturdy metal gate will be relatively cheap. All you have to do is check out the prices online, and you’ll see that even if some ornate metal gates are a little more on the expensive side, you can opt for a more basic design that still looks pretty “posh.”

Additionally, you can avoid metal and opt for a sturdy wooden gate which will be even more affordable and no longer as flimsy as some of the older gate designs that would be vulnerable to moisture and pests. Modern wooden gates are treated with superior quality compounds and coatings that will act as a shield against the elements and against just about any type of unwanted stressor that would normally diminish its lifespan considerably.

By opting for such a gate you can lower your expenses so that you can also have a more complex or advanced security and surveillance system installed to deter intruders and keep your property safer. There are a wide range of electric gate openers to choose from to effectively keep intruders out.

Do You Need to Get a Permit for a New Electric Gate?

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In most areas, getting a new gate actually requires a building permit. So, in order to install a brand new electric gate, it stands to reason that the same thing will be true. Of course, it’s not the same in every area, so let’s take a look at how you can find out about these details that so often get overlooked.

Most of the time, you can find specific documents on your city’s website which will tell you a lot about when a building permit is required and how to get one. Alternatively, you could find the information on the website itself, and you might even be able to get some help if you call the number to talk to one of your local officials or to a representative in charge of speaking to the public.

However, your best way to find out about the specific details of your area is to talk to the contractor that does electric gates install for you. They will already know where to look, and they’ll be able to advise you on what permits you need and where you have to look at the specific details and rules associated with switching to an advanced, hi-tech gate for your property.

When you install a new gate without a building permit – especially while adding advanced features and electronics that would greatly enhance the function of your gate – you could easily get in trouble. So make sure you talk to your contractor prior to installing a new gate, and find out if there are any additional local regulations that you’ll have to abide by as well.

Is an Electric Gate Really Better Than a Swing Gate?

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Owning an electric gate can seem like a great idea. However, electricity is still costly, and depending on the design of your gate, it can also be somewhat more problematic to install and use. On the other hand, a swinging gate is one that has a mechanic system that closes the door automatically when you’re not using it. The practical potential and affordable construction of this type of gate may quickly get you a more affordable and desirable product.

Of course, gate entry systems are certainly a good choice, and if you can afford them, you should definitely try to find one that suits you. Aside from the fact that they can offer you greater control and even allow you to access the gate’s locking mechanism remotely when you want, the fact is that many electric gate manufacturers also have the options of fitting gates with improved, smart communication and security systems that will allow you to screen and deny entrance to anyone you don’t want around.

All in all, both gate designs have their own qualities, and while electric gates are better in terms of control and advanced security, swing gates can also be designed with similar qualities in mind, and are also more affordable.