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We have a great deal of experience with a wide variety of manufacturers and applications and will design an access control system perfect for your needs. Whether you need just one gate opener, or you are controlling multiple gates, we have you covered. Our solutions for electric gates include:

PC Programmable Entry Systems

PC Programmable entry is ideal for properties with multiple access points. We also provide programmable telephone entry systems for up to 3,000 residents, which is impossible with a paper directory. This solution offers both resident and visitor access control into and within apartment buildings, gated communities, apartment complexes, office buildings, factories, and industrial sites. These entry systems also include cellular intercom and video intercom upgrades.

Stand-alone Telephone Entry Systems

These telephone entry systems are not programmable, but the costs are only for the system and installation. These also include single resident telephone entry systems or for multiple entry points. These entry systems include wireless keypads and a call button. The simple interface and reliable, stand-alone telephone entry systems are an excellent choice for any commercial, industrial, or residential access system.

Digital Gate Access Keypad Gate Operators

Wireless keypads are a common choice for automatic gate and entry access. Whether you’re using the keypad for a driveway gate, garage door, traffic control, or apartment complexes, these are easy to install and easy to use. These gate operators also come with the option of intercom systems integrated with the wireless keypad.

Proximity-based Access Control Solutions

We have many solutions for proximity-based entrance access. These solutions include proximity card readers, vehicle sensing loop detectors and vehicle sensing probes. Proximity reader controls are great for commercial or residential gate entry. Card readers are a solution for controlled access to secure or private areas. These gate systems can be used with a slide gate operator or swing gate operator.

Long-range Vehicle Tag Readers

Long-range vehicle tag readers are an ideal commercial access control system. As far as control systems go, they are one of the most secure. These gate openers work with slide gate and swing gate entries.

Radio Remote Control

Radio remote controls are standard gate and garage openers. These controls are available with multiple frequencies to perform numerous functions or open various entry points rather than using a keypad entry system.

Mobile Device Control

Install an opener that can be controlled by your phone! Rather than sticking to traditional digital keypads, you can update your system to operate your gates with a mobile device, choosing whichever model works best for you!

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