Important Questions Relating to Gate and Fence Maintenance: Should You Oil Your Gate?

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When you wonder about using the right lubricant for your gate or even whether you should oil it at all, there are a few very important details to take into account. The gate you own right now is pretty unique, and while it’s similar, for example, to other gates made from the same materials, the hinges and some of the other metal components such as best automatic gate opener might require extra care, if you don’t want them to rust.

So, should you actually oil your gate? The obvious answer is yes. If you fail to do that frequently enough, the gate will start to make noises each time someone opens it, and eventually it could also suffer from rust and damage. Oiling your gate is the easiest and best ways to prevent all that, keep your gate operating smoothly and make sure that it doesn’t suffer too much damage over time.

Now, it’s a little tricky when deciding on the type of oil to use. Typically, the manufacturer or contractor should have provided you with a specific type of oil that you should use. You can apply it once every 6 months or so for best results, and you can find more of it when it’s depleted by either contacting your contractor or finding an online supplier. If you can’t find the same type of oil, make sure you avoid any WD40 or similar products, and aim for white lithium grease or oil instead.

Do You Need to Get a Permit for a New Electric Gate?

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In most areas, getting a new gate actually requires a building permit. So, in order to install a brand new electric gate, it stands to reason that the same thing will be true. Of course, it’s not the same in every area, so let’s take a look at how you can find out about these details that so often get overlooked.

Most of the time, you can find specific documents on your city’s website which will tell you a lot about when a building permit is required and how to get one. Alternatively, you could find the information on the website itself, and you might even be able to get some help if you call the number to talk to one of your local officials or to a representative in charge of speaking to the public.

However, your best way to find out about the specific details of your area is to talk to the contractor that does electric gates install for you. They will already know where to look, and they’ll be able to advise you on what permits you need and where you have to look at the specific details and rules associated with switching to an advanced, hi-tech gate for your property.

When you install a new gate without a building permit – especially while adding advanced features and electronics that would greatly enhance the function of your gate – you could easily get in trouble. So make sure you talk to your contractor prior to installing a new gate, and find out if there are any additional local regulations that you’ll have to abide by as well.

Should You Rely on Your Gate Company to Tell You About City Codes?

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Building codes are typically required and enforced through the county you live in, and they pertain to all the cities and municipalities found within that county. If you live in a city with fewer building codes, you have the benefit of greater freedom when it comes to choosing the specific additions and features of your building or home.

In most cases, the gate company such as Rocky Mountain Access Controls that you hire to install a new gate for you will tell you all about the building codes that you’ll need in your area. However, you should definitely not rely on their help in all cases. It could happen that the company you hire is from a different county, and that they don’t really know – or worse, they give you false information on the required standards.

Your best choice is that, while you ask your gate company about the city codes pertaining to your property and the gate you want to install, you should also ask your city representatives. A simple phone call or a visit to the official website of your city or county should solve a lot of problems before they even appear. That way you’ll know exactly what the city codes have to say about your project and how to make the right decisions regarding it.

How Do You Find the City Guidelines Necessary for Replacing Your Residential Gates?

The various guidelines for installing fences and gates can differ from one area to another. While cities that are stacked together in the same state and geographic area might feature similar rules and regulations, remote cities and towns could have different guidelines for residential gates. Just because you live pretty close to a larger city, it doesn’t mean your town has the same rules.

Some research is necessary to find the exact guidelines for your city, however in most cases you will find an online document that provides you with all the information you need on the official website of your home town. Looking for a gate company near me is always a way to know what the city guidelines are as they keep up with the regulations. The document should contain the various details, guidelines and regulations associated with the standards you have to abide by when erecting your fence or adding a new gate to it.

You might have details associated with the minimum or maximum height of your gate or fence, the distance from a neighboring property or the minimum distance between your gate and your front lawn. Also, you can find valuable information such as whether or not you require a building permit in order to get a new gate. Such details will help a lot, especially if you don’t know what to do when you first entertain the idea of replacing your gate.