Practical Benefits of Gate Automation

gate opener automation practical benefits

In most cases, in small stores or pharmacies, the staff is in high demand for various operations, so a gate automation system makes life easier for employees, creates a sense of control and security and can prevent the occurrence of problematic situations.

The possibility of remote control of the gate is available with an automatic gate opener solution installed. In addition, the benefits of gate automation are obvious and multiple: high resistance to heavy traffic, reliability over time, compliance with hygiene requirements (considering the absence of handles, surfaces are not so exposed to contact and therefore the risk of contamination with various pathogens is lower). In addition, if the automatic door is also equipped with a breakout system, it acquires an essential role in the evacuation, in the event of a fire.

Among the practical benefits of gate automation, one that is not always clearly highlighted is the possibility to command the gate lock in the closed position, from the inside, without the need for direct intervention. This may be necessary in various situations: when the maximum number of people allowed in that perimeter has been exceeded (see the rules on social distancing and controlled and limited access in confined spaces, during the crisis caused by COVID-19), when staff inside foresees a certain danger, when a break in the workflow is required (for disinfecting the space, resupplying, inventorying etc.).