How Do Automatic Gates Help Keep Apartment Buildings Secure

gated apartment community automatic gates coded

There is something going on naturally, in more and more apartment buildings: the doors open and close automatically.

Pressing the door latch or turning the round door handle, pulling or pushing the door and closing the door again after you have entered or exit the building – all of these can become annoying, at some point. Especially since people often forget to close the door after passing through. For some, it may not even be possible (e.g., for people in wheelchairs, children, elderly, or disabled). Automated gates provide comfortable access to apartment buildings for everyone, which is the advantage that makes them so popular.

Automatic door systems are available for all types of doors, whether they are small or large, lightweight or heavy. Moreover, almost every form of construction imaginable is possible: fully glazed, wooden, light metal or steel.

Gates with automatic gate opener ensure safety thanks to sophisticated systems and sensors – even in the case of emergencies! Automatic gate installations are interconnected with the building systems, such as the access control system, the building technology and the control units of the smoke and heat exhaust system. This allows centralized control and monitoring of all these systems, thus increasing the efficiency of the infrastructure management.

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