3 Reasons Why Slide Gates Are Great for Large Residential Properties

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Whether you’re used to seeing large, wrought iron fences and gates or imposing wooden gates on a larger property, these are certainly not the only options. Large residential properties can also benefit from advanced, hi-tech gates and convenient gate opening and locking systems such as those used for high end slide gates.

Consider a few of the main reasons why slide gates are so popular today:

  1. Slide gates offer easy access which is sometimes essential when you live or operate on larger properties. Large houses especially have the advantage of housing many people, and a good gate system has to accommodate that.
  2. Since the gate slides open, it won’t take up much space. Whether your lawn and garden take up a lot of space, or you just don’t like your gates to open outwards and block the street, a good system of slide gates and sliding gate opener can solve both those issues and provide you, your household and your guests with easy access to the property.
  3. Slide gates are probably the easiest to automate and fit with all types of high end electric systems. Technology has evolved a lot in recent years, and you’ll find that some of the best control, surveillance and security technologies are also available for residential properties.