What Is a Cantilever Gate and Should You Consider Getting One?

things to consider cantilever gate security protection

Cantilever gates are very popular these days and for very good reason. If you need a high quality gate with a sliding mechanism that’s quieter, more efficient, easier to use and more durable, then a cantilever gate might be something you should look into.

A cantilever gate is simply a special type of sliding gate. While most sliding gates will be supported by wheels and a track at the bottom, cantilever gates work a little differently. They are supported in the air, and the sliding mechanism is suspended above the gate, so that the gate’s entire weight is supported by it, and the gate slides on it freely.

Now, at first glance there might not be too many important differences that are entirely visible. However, a cantilever gate is actually much quieter because its wheels are not in contact with the ground. Also, the mechanism is not as taxed as in the case of a regular sliding gate, so it usually tends to last longer without needing repairs.

Should you consider getting a cantilever gate? It will generally depend on what type of gate you want when it comes to security, durability and noise reduction. Even though some designs are slightly more expensive than common sliding gates, they are usually well worth the extra cost.