How Safe Is It to Put Holiday Lights on Your Gate?

Automated electric gate

While you might be really invested into the festive spirit of Christmas, there are many concerns that have to be addressed when you install large numbers of lights all around your home and even on your gate and fence. The problem isn’t necessarily one of logistics and the amounts of lights you can install, as there are installations you can use for setting up thousands of lights and have them work just right. The main issue, however, is one of safety.

Now, safety isn’t a big problem when you set up your lights on the interior of your wooden fence, which doesn’t conduct electricity, or on top of your roof, where no one ever goes. However, the gate is an element that is frequently used in a direct way, and it can be a safety concern if you surround it with electric wires.

The main issue has to do with installing lights on a metal gate. Made worse by precipitation when the weather warms slightly and the ice and snow starts to melt, the electrical conductivity of the gate can lead to even the smallest electric discharge causing a short circuit and becoming a hazard for a passerby or a visitor. As a result, it’s usually best to avoid installing electric lights on your fence, unless you opt for just a few small LED colored lamps powered by low energy batteries. Talk with the professionals at