Should You Consider Installing Remotely Accessible Automated Gates?

Things To Consider Automated Gates Commercial Residential

Whether or not to install remote automated commercial gates on your property depends on various factors, including your security needs, budget, and property size. The points presented below have to be considered with great care, as you never know exactly which factor might play a greater role and whether or not it’s even a good idea for you to install these products under certain circumstances.

First, consider your needs for adequate protection. If you have a high-security risk or valuable assets on your property, such as expensive equipment, products or information, you may benefit from having a remote automated commercial gate. These gates provide an added layer of security, preventing unauthorized access to your property.

Automated commercial gates can be expensive to install, operate, and maintain. It is essential to consider the cost of purchasing and installing the gate, as well as any ongoing maintenance and repair costs. For some businesses, the advantages that the gates can bring in the long run are well worth the added costs.

If you have a large property, commercial automated gates can make it easier to manage access to your property. This is especially true if you have multiple entry and exit points that need to be secured. Moreover, automated gates can be a convenient way to control access to your property. You can easily allow authorized visitors to enter the property, while keeping unauthorized individuals out.

Lastly, it’s also very important to check with your local authorities to see if there are any regulations or permits required before installing an automated commercial gate.

The Benefits of Installing Slide Gates at Different Levels of Access

Benefits Slide Gate Installation

The use of slide gates by commercial businesses in the Denver area is widespread, and has been around for quite a while. A slide gate has many practical features and benefits, and according to some experts can be used very efficiently at different access points within the premises of a commercial property. If you want to run your own business successfully, you might have a need for these versatile and secure gates.

On your property, the available space for moving around might be somewhat limited. Nevertheless, depending on the layout of the property and on your operations, you might require multiple access points where not everyone would be allowed to pass. Installing slide gates at these levels of access could be a practical solution to ensure that traffic would be streamlined while order can be kept and only authorized personnel can enter various areas.

Slide gates have a lot of important benefits that make them ideal for use as electric gates and automated gates placed at various levels of access. They are highly secure and easy to operate, and most importantly, they do not require a great amount of space to open and close. Because they slide to one side, they can be accessed easily even if someone is blocking the entry.

When Are Electric Gates Required for a Commercial Property?

electric gates commercial property security

Any Devner gate company can tell you that the use of electric gates is rapidly becoming more and more popular. The uses of these types of electric gates have to be considered carefully, as you might miss out on a lot of the benefits that they might have to offer:

  1. One of the most important instances in which electric gates are needed is when you need to have your gates opened and closed on a regular basis. Sometimes vehicles or people might need to be cleared before being allowed to pass through to certain areas of your commercial property. In such cases, it’s essential to get a gate that will open quickly and easily.
  2. Larger gates usually have to be at least electric, if not fully automated and remotely opened and closed. That is because of the difficulty of accessing the gates in a timely fashion when large trucks of goods are waiting to be allowed to pass. Time is often of the essence in such situations, so it’s a good idea to consider installing a quality electric gate.
  3. When increased security is needed, electric gates can ensure that, even if the lock is broken, the heavy gate itself can remain to add an extra layer of security that will prevent intruders from getting onto your property at least temporarily.

Is Gate Installation in Denver a Time Consuming Process?

Gate Installation Process Time Electrical

Whether you’re looking for gate automation, or you just want to benefit from a service offering sturdy gate installation in Denver, it is essential to know how long your gate installation project will take. The time it takes to install a gate can vary depending on several factors. These might include the type of gate, the size and complexity of the installation, and the site conditions.

Generally, a basic gate installation Denver area can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day, depending on the type and size of the gate. More complex installations may take several days to complete, especially when you want a sophisticated locking mechanism or a more complex and advanced approach to gate automation.

Before installation, the site conditions will need to be assessed. If there are any obstacles such as trees, rocks, or uneven terrain, extra time and equipment may be needed to prepare the site for installation. In addition, the type of gate being installed will also affect the installation time. For example, a simple chain-link gate may be relatively quick to install, while a custom iron gate with intricate designs require require more time and effort, as well as specialized equipment.

Overall, gate installation in Denver can be a time-consuming process depending on the specific circumstances of the installation. It is best to consult with a professional gate installer to get a more accurate estimate of the time required for your specific gate installation project, and to ensure that you have the proper support for completing the project without too many challenges and delays.

The Future of Electric Gates: Technology and Trends

Electric Gates Rocky Mountain Access

Electric gates are currently popular. In the future, they will become mainstream for commercial and residential properties. In addition, some of their features will probably be improved and better integrated with digital communication systems and video surveillance. Electric gates are also expected to be designed to achieve higher energy savings and lower operational costs.

Electric gates from Rocky Mountain Access Controls are already a very effective solution to protect your property. They save you from the extra effort of having to open and close the door each time you enter or exit. In addition, they offer increased protection to your home or commercial property.

That is, some remarkable features of electric gates make them less likely to be targeted by thieves or criminals. For instance, it is almost impossible to open them by force. Moreover, you can install an intercom that allows you to see or talk to visitors without leaving the house.

Help track visitors

Automating the access gate to the property will help keep track of all your visitors, whether you are a commercial property owner with many visitors who come every day or have many friends who visit your home. An automated gate can keep track of all of them and monitor the traffic.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Electric Gates

Routine Maintenance Electric Gate Openers Gates Installed New

After installing a new electric gate and electric gate openers, you must also consider its maintenance, which is very important to avoid operating problems when you expect them the least.

Keep the gate clean and add a coat of paint or varnish (depending on the material it is made from) when necessary. Like your car for example, your entrance gate will look better if cleaned periodically. If you let it rust and corrode, it will be costly to take it out, sandblast and repaint it. On the other hand, its periodic cleaning and repainting can be done very quickly, does not cost much, and ensures that the gate remains in perfect condition.

Keep away the small creatures – Besides the appearance of your gate, a real problem for all installed electrical equipment can come from where you may not expect it – from small creatures, such as insects or snails. In this regard, the engine must always be covered since snails can easily destroy the circuits of the equipment`s board. The mucous paths they leave behind become very conductive, even with the slightest moisture. The same goes for spider webs.

Lubrication of essential parts – If your system does not have hinges or wheels with airtight bearings, you need to make sure that these are lubricated using high-quality grease applied using a unique tool. Many automations of swinging or sliding gates have internal chains that must also be lubricated periodically.

The Advantages of Slide Gates vs. Swing Gates

slide gate rocky mountain access gates

Automatic gates are growing more and more in popularity and offer a number of advantages. You can choose between slide gates and swing gates, but you will have to consider the location of the main entrance, the environment, and also the level of security you need.

Swing gates have a simpler construction, so they are cheaper, but they have certain disadvantages that slide gates do not have:

They require more space inside the opening, so if you have a limited entrance area, swing gates will not be the best option for you. You should also know that they do not fit too well in sloped areas, unless there is a lot of space underneath the gate, because the slope prevents its normal movements. In addition, the exterior opening design is not optimal and would be convenient only for residential gates.

Swing gates are more sensitive to wind, and this may cause stress on long-term gate mechanics, and, overall, they are considered less safe than sliding gates.

Slide gates – advantages

  • Compact installation: a big plus for the slide gates is that they allow more space for a vehicle to pass through on a property.
  • They are harder to break or force open and look safer, acting as a deterrent
  • Slide gates do not need space inwards or outwards to open properly
  • They are suitable even for uneven or sloped terrains

For more information on slide gates and gates in general look to the professionals at

The Role of Bollards in Enhancing Security

Bollards Security Measures Gates Building Access

Take a look outside of any commercial building in an urban environment or in areas where car traffic is restricted. Chances are that you notice bollards, which are short posts that have the purpose of restricting vehicle traffic and protecting against the damage that vehicles may cause on buildings, monuments, or homes. They also separate pedestrian areas from vehicle traffic. Some bollards are designed to prevent vehicles from colliding with a building, while others are meant to prevent cars and trucks from entering in certain areas.

Bollards meet some of the security needs of different space and properties, and impact resistance ratings and testing standards have evolved to meet these needs. Security bollards can prevent “smash and grab” burglaries, preventing vehicle access to storefronts. In extreme situations, they may also provide protection of certain areas against terrorist attacks. 

Besides being an effective option for enhancing building security, bollards provide the added advantage of avoiding clutter around a storefront, preventing unauthorized parking.

Installing bollards can be an efficient solution to enhance the security of your property. It is easy to implement and it will make your commercial or private property safer and more comfortable. If you plan to secure your property like this, you should get more information on the various options of bollard types available for purchase.

What Are the Main Advantages of Swing Gates over Cantilever Gates?

Advantages Swing Gate Purchase

There are many options you can choose for your gates. Swing gates can be a very good option, but cantilever gates can still be another great idea, depending on your specific circumstances. A cantilever gate is typically supported by rollers, which are placed behind the fencing system.

There are certain advantages of swing gates as compared to their Cantilever counterparts. For instance, they usually take up less space. In this respect, we should note the fact that Cantilever gates have to be about fifty percent longer than the driveway opening, in order to counterbalance the mounting posts’ weight.

At the same time, a quality swing gate can cost less. That is due to the fact that they are smaller and they do not require so many materials to be manufactured. Because swing gates are not supported by mounting posts, the gate frames do not need to be as solid as cantilever gates.

And because they are lighter, swing gates are easier to install. Moreover, having a gate that goes down to the ground level has several benefits. For instance, if you have a dog, it will prevent your pet from getting out of your yard. At the same time, this type of gate keeps wild animals away from your property.

Secrets Your Denver Gate Company Can Tell You About Smart Gate Systems

Gate Company Rocky Mountain Access Controls Denver Near Me

Gates have been used for a long time to keep people safe inside and unwanted people outside. Since technological advancements are developed on a continual basis, it is only natural that gate systems are also everchanging. The latest technology in terms of gates refers to smart gate systems. A reputable, knowledgeable Denver gate company can certainly tell you many advances and advantages about smart gate systems.

Traditional gates can have many problems. Smart gate systems are designed to overcome these flaws. For instance, one of the major details is that of speed. Wireless user interface is yet another major feature that make smart gates more reliable.

Smart gate openers are devices that automatically open gates when they get credentials from smart devices. They are made of three major components, namely the gate motor, the smart controller and the mobile app. With smart gate openers, users can actually use their smart phones in order to get access to the property. The whole process of entering through the gate can thus be completed in a quicker and more convenient way.

Among the features that these systems can have include that of video calling, by which you can actually see the people who intend on entering your property. Look for a gate company near me in Denver for in person communication for your next gate purchase to be sure you are getting all the latest in gate technology.