Typical Applications For Swing Gates

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The term “swing gates” defines those courtyard gates whose opening describes a circular arc towards the interior (or, more rarely, towards the exterior) of the property. They can be made up of one or two elements (double doors), being joined to the supporting pillars with the help of hinges.

When is it advisable to opt for swing doors?

#1: When the opening (width) of the fence is relatively narrow

The swing gate opener is practical, there is no doubt about it. However, they simply cannot be installed if the available space does not allow them to open.

#2: If the land is flat and not on a slope

Unless there is a lot of space under the gate, then it will not be possible for a swing gate to fit on a slope, as it would hit the ground as it opens, and would not fulfill its purpose. In this case, swing gates may be installed to open outwards, but space is needed for a car to stop outside the opening. In this case, markings and instructions are necessary, and they must be clearly visible.

#3: To achieve a stylish look on a tight budget

If you work with a relatively tight budget, but you want to make or buy an elegant gate, it is preferable to choose hinged ones. As you have seen, their cost price is lower, due to the fact that they include fewer complex technical elements.