Four Benefits Of Cantilever Gates

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Cantilever gates are one of the most modern solutions for property access, being the best choice for both residential and industrial premises.

The rolling system of such self-supporting gate is special, differing from that of sliding gates by the way of fastening the rail, which is welded directly to the gate, while the roller carriages are fixed on concrete.

The operating system is composed of: rail, trolley with rollers, guides, stops and rack (for automated versions). The length of a self-supporting gate is typically between 3 and 20 m, while the weight can even reach 2 tons.

The advantages of a self-supporting system

1. Cantilever gates work silently

 Self-supporting gates work silently because they have no contact with the ground and there is no friction, so no dust, mud or snow can collect on the rail, and the possibility of the rail freezing is zero.

2. They have a robust construction

The construction of cantilever gates makes them very resistant and that is why they are used very often for industrial premises and commercial areas.

3. Their installation is easy

 Due to the way such a gate is designed, it is easier to mount than other types of gates. It can be installed on any type of terrain, because the rail is not placed on the ground and does not depend on it.

4. Cantilever gates have greater durability

Self-supporting gates from have greater durability both due to their construction and due to the materials they are made of, such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel or galvanized steel.