Typical Applications For Slide Gates

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Sliding gates are those types of gates whose opening is done by sliding. This system requires the gates to be provided with a series of bearings at the base and placed on a rail mounted at ground level. In principle, these gates can be of two types: simple or hinged.

When it comes to a simple sliding gate opener solution,  the actual door is made of a single rigid piece. Thus, in its case, the opening is made along the fence. Hinged sliding doors, on the other hand, are made of several foldable segments. This type of sliding gate can also be opened laterally (forming an angle of up to 90 degrees).

When is it advisable to opt for sliding gates?

In principle, choosing a sliding door is preferable in two situations. First of all, these gates are indicated if the estimated traffic through the gate is medium to intense. As a rule, this scenario applies to commercial properties. The reason behind this suggestion is that sliding gates are usually easier to operate and, more than that, they work great with automation systems.

The second situation, in which experts recommend sliding doors, is to increase security. They are compatible with very efficient security systems. Also, unlike swing gates, whose union at the central point can be easily forced, sliding gates are made of one continuous piece. Considering these two characteristics, they are much more difficult to break into.