Turnstiles and Their Important Use in Controlling the Flow of People in and Out of a Facility

Turnstiles automatic entrance block

In certain facilities, such as factories, laboratories and certain office buildings, it’s very important to know who can access certain areas and who can’t. While advance technology might make retinal scans and other impressive electronics available in some places, you won’t be able to use that type of tech, for example, when letting workers into the production floor. But you can use turnstiles.

For anyone who’s worked in production, they already know what turnstiles are. They’re those funny little machines that will only let you pass if you authenticate your presence using an approved card. If the card is rejected, the turnstile’s metal barrier will remain blocked.

Turnstiles can therefore be used very efficiently to approve or deny access to just about any area – at the front gate, at the entrance of the production floor in your factory, or in various restricted areas of your building, where only some executives have access.

Of course, turnstiles can be circumvented, if nobody is looking. However, if you really want to restrict access to a certain area, you can also post a security guard nearby or install a security camera to detect if anyone moves through the turnstile without swiping their card. That way, you can control the flow of even a large number of people in and out of virtually any area of your facility.