Can You Modify Your Solar Gate Opener to Add a Battery?

solar metal gate automated remote access

Sustainable devices abound these days, and gate operators that use solar powers are some of the most common and popular solar devices available on the market. After spending just a few minutes installing your solar panels and gate opener, you can set the system up for remote or automatic opening and just stroll in and out of your property like there’s no gate at all – while, of course, keeping out any unwanted intruders.

These types of installations are very easy to set up and modify, and they’re great for farms and other remote areas, where you simply can’t check the gate all the time without buying and installing an expensive surveillance system – which is really not worth it sometimes, and automated gate repair is quite affordable.

Your gate opener can also be fitted with a battery that you can install along with a small electronic circuit that focuses the solar energy towards charging the battery when the gate operator is not in use. That way, you can use your gate operator even during the night, and possibly even set up a battery-powered lighting system that will use low wattage LED lights to light up the area at night.

Practically speaking, the sky is the limit as to how complex you can make the system, but these modifications are normally considered to be the most affordable and easiest that you can add.