How Do You Treat A Split Rail Fence To Keep It Looking Good?

swing gate ranch entrance split rail metal fencing

Every rancher knows the importance of a rail fence for the overall appearance of a property. This rail fence should be properly maintained and kept as new. Caring for your split rail fence regardless of the weather conditions is essential.

Maintaining your split rail fence can include several activities, such as: staining the wood on a regular basis, keeping away grass and plants, choosing vinyl for low maintenance, doing any repairs as soon as they are necessary, and regular inspections, which can help prevent more serious problems.

Pressure-treated wood was made to resist several problems, such as harsh weather, fungus, UV, etc. At any rate, you should often look out for cracks or signs of termites. Moreover, you could shake your fence and fix all the parts which prove to be loose.

The real beauty of a split rail fence which is made of vinyl comes from the fact that it is very low maintenance. In case you want to provide your wooden fence with more resistance, you may consider using a sort of metal cover, especially designed for keeping animals away from your fence and also a swing gate opener for ease. Moreover, it can help your fence stay strong during winter storms or when there are heavy winds.