How Are Slide Gates Different from Swing Gates?

Slide Gate vs Swing Gate Differences

When you’re planning to get a new gate system, it’s very important to make an informed choice on it. For example, learning the differences between a slide gate and a swing gate can assist you in making the right choice depending on what you actually want from your new gate.

Slide gates typically slide to one side (either to the left or to the right) using a mechanism that essentially drives them into the adjacent part of the fence or wall. These types of gates are extremely useful when you have a lot of excess material or equipment lying around or when your workers need the extra space in front of the gate to navigate their way in or out while carrying bulky materials.

On the other hand, a swing gate opens in the traditional way, like a door. It swings in either direction (inwards or outwards) and once it’s released, it simply closes. Unlike sliding gates, a swing gate is not designed to save space. Also, the mechanism that controls a swing gate can sometimes be more easily damaged. The most important advantage of a swing gate is its superior appearance and easier maintenance work.

Although slide gates would need a little more work when they break down, or for preventive maintenance, most experts will agree that they are the better choice compared to a swing gate. For practical purposes, you can save a lot of time and get more space around the gate to use as you deem fit.