Gate Installation 101: How Do Slide Gates Work?

Gate Entry Systems

Slide gates are versatile and very much suitable for areas with limited space. They work by sliding horizontally along a track to open or close an entrance. Depending on your needs, you can choose between manual and automated slide gate entry systems, both of which offer security and convenience.


The gate installation process in and of itself can be complex. Also known as cantilever gates, slide gates designed to slide open to one side and are often used in areas where a swinging gate is impractical.


The key component of a slide gate system is the track. It’s typically installed on the ground parallel to the fence or wall. The gate, which has wheels or rollers attached to its bottom edge, moves along this track. When the gate is operated, it slides along the track to open or close the entrance. This movement can be manual, automated, or remote-controlled, depending on the gate system.


Some slide gates use a counterweight system to help balance the gate’s weight and reduce the strain on the gate operator. The counterweight helps ensure smooth and efficient movement.


In automated slide gate designs, a gate operator or motor is responsible for opening and closing the gate. This can be controlled using a keypad, remote control, intercom system, or other access control methods.


Slide gates are equipped with safety features to prevent accidents and injuries. These may include safety sensors that detect obstructions in the gate’s path and trigger an automatic reverse to avoid collisions. They are often constructed from durable materials like steel or aluminum to withstand weather conditions and potential tampering.


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