Energy-Efficient Practices for Roofing in East Lansing

Energy Efficiency East Lansing Roofing

Energy efficiency is key when it comes to modern roofing practices in East Lansing, Michigan. Making sure to use the proper materials, construct the roof correctly, and maintain it regularly are all vital steps to ensuring a cost-effective roof. Here’s a list of strategies for roofing East Lansing homes that will save energy:

  1. Choose the right material: Metal shingles, professionally designed composite shingles, and clay tiles are some of the most efficient roofing materials when it comes to protecting your East Lansing home from the elements. The good news is that installing these materials will also increase the building’s energy efficiency.
  2. Properly construct the roof: It is important that the roof is constructed in the right way so as to maintain an effective airtight seal. This means that there should be no gaps in the roof between the sheathing, flashing, and vents, as these can lead to higher energy costs due to heat loss.
  3. Regular maintenance: Every roof needs to be tested for proper drainage and checked for wear and tear on a regular basis. Issues like a broken shingle, a cracked tile, or clogged gutters or vents can all lead to energy inefficiency. Making sure these are fixed in a timely manner is key to avoiding costly energy losses.

By keeping these strategies in mind, you can save money and energy while keeping your home safe and well-protected.