Are Slide Gates Typically More Practical?

Sliding Security Gates Denver Commercial

Slide gates are a type of opener for a fence, gate, or security barrier, which slides horizontally to open or close. As the name would suggest, this type of system poles along a track from one side of an opening to the other in order to open and close accordingly. Slide gates are extremely common, as their reliability, ease of use, and relative affordability make them an excellent option for residential, commercial and industrial security gates Denver applications.

Slide gates are especially useful when there is limited space along the opening for the gate, as it does not require an additional pool of space for it to open outwards. This makes them particularly useful if the area has limited opening, or if plants and other exterior features are taking up a lot of room. Additionally, if a manual opener is expected to be used, few other options available offer the same level of ease and convenience as that of the slide gate.

The fact that they are generally designed smaller than traditional gates also makes them more practical. This not only reduces the cost required to purchase the opener, but also makes it easier and less expensive to ship, install, and maintain the system. In addition to this, they are safer than their counterparts, as they are less likely to present a software vulnerability and they are designed to only be opened through secure and authenticated protocols or from a manual console.

Overall, it is clear to see why slide gates are typically seen as more practical. From secure operation to considerable cost savings, it is no surprise why this option has become so popular over the years.