Are Slide Gates Safe Enough to Automate?

Slide Gate Automated

Automation of slide gates offers convenience, better security, and more efficient control over your access to a particular area. As such, slide gates can be automated and made safe using appropriate safety measures and devices.

However, some significant considerations should not be neglected to ensure safety when automating slide gates. For instance, it may be an excellent idea to install safety sensors on your slide gate, such as photocells or infrared sensors, which can detect the presence of objects or people in the gate’s path. These sensors will trigger the gate to stop or reverse its motion if an obstruction is detected.

Safety edges are pressure-sensitive strips or sensors attached to the leading edges of the gate. They can detect physical contact and immediately reverse the movement of the entrance to prevent any damage or injury.

Installing an emergency stop button within reach of the gate operator or nearby individuals can be another great idea. This allows for immediate manual intervention in case of an emergency. It may be a good idea to mark the presence of an automated gate with warning signs and lights to alert pedestrians and vehicles to be cautious when the gate is in full function.

If children or pets frequent the property, extra precautions should be taken to ensure their safety around the automated gate. This may include using additional safety devices or restricting access to the gate’s area.

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