Why Turnstiles Can Suit High Traffic Buildings

Turnstiles access controls high traffic security

If you have a factory or a warehouse where a lot of people are working and you need to get hundreds of workers through the front doors before 8 AM, ensuring that only authorized personnel arrive at the premises can be a challenge. That is why many companies use turnstiles when allowing their employees to check in.

Turnstiles operate in a simple fashion: a card system allows the employee to use their authorization card to get through, and the turnstile opens up for them if they’re authorized. If not, then the employee will need to be screened by a guard to avoid a security breach.

The system is fast and easy to learn, which is why a lot of factories with hundreds and even thousands of workers tend to use it. Turnstiles can make your job easier when it comes to screening employees and they can also be used in areas with less traffic – such as at the exit or entrance of a lab or manufacturing floor, where added authorization is required and not every worker is granted access.

Instead of installing complex automated gate systems for high traffic areas, turnstiles from https://www.rmacontrols.com/ can be far more effective when it comes to allowing individuals through, as opposed to screening cars and trucks (in which case automated gates are the best option).