When to Add Turnstiles to Your Business

Access control systems are versatile and are being used in retail stores, shopping centers, hotels, manufacturing facilities, parking lots, train stations, airports as well as in residential areas. Turnstiles are no exception.

Entrances and exits with turnstiles allow successive visitor entry, thus increasing the level of perimeter security. Traffic is more orderly, relaxed and manageable, in terms of safety. Everyone entering and leaving can be better observed, and security personnel can detect and isolate all hazards in less time. The turnstile mechanism is based on an electromechanical device (usually a drop arm wheel) that allows access in one direction and prevents rotation in the opposite direction. The access through the turnstile is possible by unlocking the rotation/access system by using a proximity card, tag, access control bracelet, etc, on the reading screen.

There are various types of turnstiles, and depending on how you plan to use them, you can choose the right model.

Points of access with turnstiles provide a much higher level of security. In a dynamic work environment with fluctuating numbers of staff and visitors, turnstiles limit the access, so that only authorized people can get the access into the building. Staff and visitor flows put less pressure on security teams, allowing them to be more vigilant in their positions. Turnstiles can also streamline the personnel management system, as they can be used as an employee time tracking tool.