What Does the Process of Gate Automation Actually Entail

automated gate rocky mountain access

You might have already heard a lot of great things about gate automation and the use of electric gates to ensure smooth and easy access to an area without having to constantly lock and unlock the gate to get in or out. But did you know how gate automation actually works?

Any Denver gate company will be able to give you this information, so it’s a good idea to consult them before deciding whether or not gate automation is something you’d want for your commercial or residential property. The idea is basically that the gate is powered by a system using electric motors to open and close it. You can have swing gates swinging open by themselves or slide gates working like something out of a science-fiction movie. What’s more impressive is that the gate can use sensors, artificial intelligence and even tools like advanced facial recognition to determine when to open or remain closed.

All this basically means that, when someone authorized approaches the gates, either via car or on foot, they can cause the gates to swing open for them through some means of authentication. If someone unauthorized tries to get in, the sensors and smart features of the gate will detect them and keep the gate shut and locked, so they won’t be able to get in. A good gate company like Rocky Mountain Access at https://www.rmacontrols.com/ is one of the best solutions for gate automation.