What Are the Main Components Needed for Installing Automated Gates?

automated gate repair components

Automated gates can be a great option for those who want to keep their property safe. The wide variety of gates available can be truly overwhelming. But understanding some basic facts such as which are the main components needed for installing this type of gate and for automated gate repair can be of great help.

The main components of an automated gate include the gate per se and the gate operator. The gate can be made of materials such as aluminum, which is very lightweight and, therefore, the most commonly-encountered choice for many homeowners. An aluminum gate is also very easy to maintain.

Moreover, an automated gate also comprises elements such as motors which are used to make the gates move, safety devices and systems which control the way you open and close the gate.

Each gate is usually equipped with a motor. Whereas sliding gates have one motor, swinging gates typically have two motors. Swing gates are attached to pillars, with hinges. As their name suggests, they swing both open and close.

When colliding with people, animals or equipment, these gates can be dangerous. Because of that an automatic gate should be provided with safety features and parts, such as infrared photocells or other similar devices.