What Are Some of the Biggest and Best Advancements in Gate Access Controls?

modern video phone keypad gate access

If you take into account just the past couple of decades alone, you’ll find that gate access technology has advanced a great deal. Although these systems used to be quite expensive, these days the most common standard features are actually pretty cheap. However, you might find some of the greatest breakthroughs and the biggest advancements in gate access control to be a little less accessible for the moment, yet no less impressive:

Internet technology is the big one. While it used to be that controlling your gate system was an inside job, now you can do it remotely using your smartphone. Remote access is extremely handy, whether you forgot to lock the gate, or you want to know who visited you while you were away from home.

Not many gate access keypad systems had cameras a few years ago, but now security cameras have become an integrated feature that many manufacturers tend to integrate.

Modern systems use elaborate access codes and have a variety of methods by which you can consider setting up your system to be used intuitively yet remain secure.

Finally, when you set up an advanced gate access control system, you can now choose a lot of features that were not available in the past. Night vision cameras, advanced sensors and even long range sensor technologies are now available to be integrated, so that your gate control system can “see” a lot more and a lot farther than before.