What Are Cantilever Gates and Why are they Popular?

Most popular cantilever gate automated

Cantilever gates may refer to a wide variety of gates, from those with an ornamental picket style to chain link style gates. Although they are a bit similar to slide gates, cantilever gates are unique in terms of design, hardware, and the way in which they are constructed. 

In general, these gates are made to be bigger than the gate opening. At the same time, they are built in such a way so that they do not touch the ground. Their whole system makes them very easy to use, and perhaps that explains their huge popularity among homeowners and entrepreneurs. 

At the same time, cantilever gates use less space than swing gate systems. They move in only one direction, which is generally in direct parallel with the existing fence line. And another great advantage of a cantilever gate is the fact that it can be automated more efficiently, as it requires only one gate operator. Therefore, automating a cantilever gate may also cost less than automating a swing gate, which needs two or more gate operators.

These gates may need less maintenance than swing gates. Due to their smart appeal, practical design, and craftsmanship, cantilever gates are sure to impress passers-by, customers, and visitors.