Trends in Residential Automated Gates

automated gates residential security

Automated gates are becoming increasingly common and popular, especially for residential applications. Here are the most common trends that shape the range of available products and services in the segment:

– Increasing offer and lower prices – while in the past automated security gates Denver homes have were luxury items available only for the owners of large, majestic mansions, today they are much more affordable and available to everyone. The continuous growth of the construction industry also contributes to the increasing demand and the higher production output;

– Diversified choice – the increased offer comes with a diversified product range as well. Modern automated gates come in plain as well as in ornamental versions, in many different styles and colors. The range of operating systems and the technologies used for access control have also diversified – the most common operation systems are hydraulic and electro-mechanic, with sliding gates being currently the most popular styles, while remote controls and intercom systems are the most common access systems;

– Installation and repair services – demand has intensified towards services of gate installation and repair as well. Automated gates use standard power supplies, but they are equipped with complex electronics that need to be configured by specialized technicians and the growth in the demand for such services has intensified the interest for the profession of gate installation and repair as well.

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