The Unique Abilities of an Automated Gate – Keeping Intruders Out

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An automated gate, whether installed on slide gates, swing gates or any other type of gate you can think of, has a very important role: it keeps people you don’t want on your property out, while allowing easy access and screening for those you might want to let in.

Automated gates work through the use of an electronic system that powers them, allowing them to open and close automatically. They can also be triggered remotely, for example through a mobile app system that also allows you access to the security system and makes it easy to check the cameras in the vicinity to see who you might be letting in.

When it comes to keeping intruders out, this system is incredibly efficient. With the use of advanced AI, automatic gates have become smarter, being able to use advanced facial recognition and other methods to determine whether the person being let in is friend or foe. As AI has gotten increasingly smarter, the chance that there might be an error and a stranger or intruder could be allowed access has become very slim.

In most cases, gate automation is combined with remote access and remote security screening. That way, you can double check the gate’s “decision” on who to let in, which makes the system virtually foolproof. For all your automated gate options look for gate company near me to schedule a visit.