The Types of Temporary Fencing That You Should Really Know About

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Temporary fencing is used quite commonly in this day and age. With so many big events happening all the time, it’s very important to use proper temporary fences to keep crowds at bay or prevent access to certain areas. The following are three of the most common and popular types of temporary fencing that are in use today:

  • Temporary site fencing is one of the most common types of temporary fencing that you will encounter. These are the mesh panels that are typically clamped together to form a barrier around a sporting event, such as the streets where a cycling race takes place.
  • If you watch a lot of scenes from Hollywood or when an important political figure passes by, you should already know what a crowd control barrier looks like. These barriers are placed around the area where an important event takes place, and are often accompanied by dozens of police officers who are there to make sure that overexcited fans don’t ignore the placement of the barriers.
  • If a sturdier barrier is needed, for example in areas where a large space has to be protected from crowds and where there isn’t enough security, rigid steel fencing panels known as temporary edge protection fences can also be utilized. For more fencing types see