The Role of Bollards in Enhancing Security

Bollards Security Measures Gates Building Access

Take a look outside of any commercial building in an urban environment or in areas where car traffic is restricted. Chances are that you notice bollards, which are short posts that have the purpose of restricting vehicle traffic and protecting against the damage that vehicles may cause on buildings, monuments, or homes. They also separate pedestrian areas from vehicle traffic. Some bollards are designed to prevent vehicles from colliding with a building, while others are meant to prevent cars and trucks from entering in certain areas.

Bollards meet some of the security needs of different space and properties, and impact resistance ratings and testing standards have evolved to meet these needs. Security bollards can prevent “smash and grab” burglaries, preventing vehicle access to storefronts. In extreme situations, they may also provide protection of certain areas against terrorist attacks. 

Besides being an effective option for enhancing building security, bollards provide the added advantage of avoiding clutter around a storefront, preventing unauthorized parking.

Installing bollards can be an efficient solution to enhance the security of your property. It is easy to implement and it will make your commercial or private property safer and more comfortable. If you plan to secure your property like this, you should get more information on the various options of bollard types available for purchase.