The Best Turnstile Design to Improve Traffic Flow to Your Building

turnstiles employee safety improve traffic control

Turnstiles are access control equipment consisting in electromechanical barrier-type mechanisms, mounted at the access openings, in closed or open spaces, allowing the access to/ from the inside, of a single person at once.

The entrances and exits equipped with turnstiles increase the degree of perimeter security because they allow the successive access of the visitors. Traffic becomes more orderly and lighter, easier to monitor from a security point of view. Each person entering or leaving can be better observed, and a possible danger can be discovered and isolated in a shorter time, by the security staff.

The best turnstile design to improve traffic flow to your building is based on an electromechanical device (usually a wheel with drop-arms) that allows access in one direction and prevents rotation in the opposite direction. Turnstile access is made by unlocking the rotation/ access system by approaching the reader screen of a proximity card, tag, access control bracelets etc. Automatic turnstiles unlock automatic access while semi-automatic turnstiles allow you to go through a slight push of the barrier arm. The types of turnstiles are diverse, the right model can be chosen depending on the particularity of each application.

In dynamic work environments, where the number of staff and visitors fluctuates, turnstiles reduce the pressure generated by the people flow felt by security guards, who can be more vigilant in their positions.